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You are a writer, they say. An author, in training.

I am a dreamer, I say. One lost in colourful worlds, where vibrant characters breathe life and love, fear and failure.
They say it's lonely in the desert. The endless sand spans before your eyes in every direction, with nothing but a shimmering haze to break the vista. Any tracks of the camel's plod are swiftly removed by the biting wind, and so the trail of the nomad, the only(more)
I wonder how many times I've been here. It's my favourite place, a place that feels like home, despite being found hundreds of miles from my house. This was the place I ran to as a child, the place I cried in as a teenager and the place where(more)
The Great Depression was nothing beside this new dawn toward which those men and women laboured. Now we sit and stare and wonder where it all went wrong. Now we wonder if the scant provisions in our hands will be enough to barter for those things we need to(more)
My foe is not a country, nor another person, and yet today I take up arms in this war that rages from my first to my last breath.

The battle lines are drawn. I can exist, enjoying happiness where it finds me and the life of mediocrity that(more)
It started with a pain in the back of the neck. The slight stiffness, the agitation, it was nothing really. But before long the pain had spread, down the spine and through the legs and even teasing the toes with a tickle that nothing could scratch.
'I told you to look after him. I trusted you.'

Gina turned slowly to face the man, his hands curled into fists where they had landed on the counter top.

'I did look after him,' she said, 'But I wasn't going to put the entire operation at(more)
The lily is beautiful. I reach a trembling finger to touch its waxy whiteness. So smooth. So soft. So pure.

A red smudge mars a petal now. With a cry I strive to wipe away the mark but it only spreads. A petal apart from its peers. I(more)
'Another black out?'

Jack nodded as he slung his sack carelessly to the table.

'The third this week then,' Gina said, making her way over to measure the success of Jack's foraging. 'Not much here, Jack. You'll need to do better tomorrow if I'm to keep shelteri(more)
Hop 1.

Hop 2.

Jump 3 and 4.