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Akosua green
she bit into it
like an apple (more)
       It isn't easy to think of something good with a poorly selected trigger like this. They say a writer should be able to expound on anything, but there are some limits aren't there? If you expect me to write 300 words based on the words "it isn't" without(more)
       When they told me their idea at first I was fucking incredulous. "You girls are fourteen!" I laughed. "You think I'm gonna take you that far?" The tallest of the three, a girl with legs for miles and an affectation for lollipops glared at me. She was their(more)
       Have you ever heard the phrase "in it to win it"? I always felt like that's how a guy should approach life. Y'know, like it's all a big game and everybody's a player--an opponent. Ever since my first erection in elementary school, when I was the first boy(more)
reach into your stomach
their fingernails are sharp
their fingers
flex their way down your (more)
     when you are sleeping
     you look like a disease
     like a parasite
     like the end of my life
     and sometimes i hate you
     and sometimes i love you for it
     It was a strange thing for him to say. Never feel fear again? It wasn't something I thought was possible; humans always have and always will feel fear. It is what drives us to explore and drives us to destroy. Fear is the decomposing, odorous fertilizer to humanity's(more)
     what do you think of this poem?
     im bored and short on time
     and having a shitty time of life lately
     so i dont really want to do any metaphors
     or punctuation
     I felt the gooseflesh rise on my skin, along my arms and across the back of my neck. The sun was beginning to set and as the bright autumn rays disappeared, so did the warmth of the day. Yes, he had been watching me as I'd thought. In(more)
i have heard from a lot of people
that revenge is a dish
best served cold;
a sort of gazpacho,
if you will.
and i guess that makes it sound (more)
     A smooth, mellifluous voice drifted out over the cubicles.
     "Units 4463 through 4493, you must now check out." I groaned inwardly, blinking my eyes in the sudden halogen light from above. I was unit 4466, so I had to check out. I looked around at my peers,(more)
     "Everything is a gradient." The professor circled around his desk, never meeting my eyes, he was concentrating so intensely. He was exactly what a Human Rights Studies professor should be; youngish, tired-looking, semi-casually dressed in a T-shirt and blazer. Even his glasses proclaimed his down-t(more)
     My neck tingles
     where his breath just crept.
     I hold my tongue
     and wait for the rest
     of his suggestion.
     She was obviously the type of person that always had her say. Her professionally coppered skin and flashing sunglasses worked on me like the outrageous colors of a poisonous tree frog. She dipped those black lenses below even darker eyes and gave me what felt like a withering(more)
     It was a long, dark musty trail ahead. A thousand thousand gowns, hanging from the backs of a thousand thousand maidens had brushed this path over the forest floor. To be a Bride to the Dusk was an honor and a dread among my people. For ten years(more)