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How many of them would have become Doctors? Teachers? Or great men and women who's passions would have made the world flourish like never before?

Individuals who will have everything stripped away from them in an instant. All their dreams, belongings, and everyone they've ever known or loved(more)
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!! What do I do!?

Just stay calm, you're gonna be alright. Just back away and look for the opening.That's it, we're going to be okay just ignore the pain, you have to open your eyes!

It's just an endless gre(more)
There was an eerie silence which permeated the night. The only sound a soft, howling wind that rustles through the jagged husks of scrap we once called our homes.  

Ever since the bombs fell, people have gotten desperate. We usually have several lost souls make their way to(more)
Our ammo is scarce, but if we surprise them during the blight they won't see us coming. We will strike them at their most sacred of places. We will forsake all truces and take what we must so that we can survive.

We begin to run. The bligh(more)
It's everything they said it would be, and more! The colors are more vibrant than ever and every sound is a symphony orchestra tantalizing my ear drums. And the shapes! Oh god, the shapes!

They are the most wonderful geometric objects that dance and shuffle before my very(more)
She began to weep deeply as the movers  heaved the old sodden barrel onto the back of the truck. They gave each other a puzzled glance and continued with their work. This little old lady didn't even flinch when they took away her television, furniture, and other more valuable belongings.(more)
My vision is fading but I can still make out the distinct notches that line just above the trigger. How many was it? I have never truly needed to count... eighty-six. Eighty six souls left this mortal coil with a twitch of my index finger. But they were evil,(more)