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Hayden described
I'm standing alone with the window before me open. A chill is coming from the window, running up my back. I lit a cigarette a second ago, and I'm not supposed to smoke in this grand hotel. That is why I have the window open, but somehow the window(more)
I wasn't born to be a graveling fool at your feet, but there has always been something in the way of me leaving you behind. I couldn't just leave you in my past and be done with you forever. Instead, my mind begs me to remember you, and I(more)
Plot twist,
Nicky-boy Cage-man,
"We have to steal the Bill of Rights."
     "What are you doing here?"
     "I'm not sure."
     "I really want to tell you —"
     "I don't want to know."
You were all things
                 my edge
                        the balance
     The Cr(more)
the night may bare witness,
to your lust and your sadness,
and to your dark anchor,
that it may fill your heart with madness.

but fear not the wicked dusk of sorrow, (more)
     Connell wasn't concerned about the small things in life. He was big picture man. This led him off of the roof, and then moments later,  on top of your new car.
I knew it was too late when the doctor began to console Jen.
     She had one eyebrow raised when the doctor entered the small room. Jen's lip was bleeding slightly from where she had been biting it. It didn't stop her nervous habit. The doctor looked at me(more)
I stepped out,
of my old skin,
in the brief moment I saw you,
my soul escaped.
     The club was called Foxy.
     I grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. The pulsing beat vibrated our bodies. One would have to decide for themselves if the music was too loud, but in that moment, it was the perfect volume.
     She wasn'(more)
     "Bring the sandwich hither, squire!"
     I can't look to those eyes anymore; I know them too well. Those eyes know me better though. They are not to be trusted. They know my faults, fears, and failures just as well as my beauties, hopes, and successes. I'm vulnerable in those eyes, and I am(more)
It was in the road.
The dead cat,
I looked at it and was scared.
My first time to see death,
This dead cat.
     She could see clearly through her mind's eye what it was that she was doing, but her cruel touch lingered on in a biting and extreme fashion which took my hand and said, "We'll leave together," but she went to the mountains and strangled the color from existence.
I'm sitting in front of you,
but I have nothing to say,
You make me feel disgusting,

I wish it wasn't true,
but there's nothing else to say, (more)