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Bright colors burned into the retinas of Pedro's eyes. He tried to blink them away but they only became blurred, one color bleeding into another like the melting Salvador Dali paintings littering Spain.

That flamboyant bastard, Salvador. Every time he saw the man he wanted to cut off(more)
I felt it again--that sensation in my back, the twisting and turning, the inner workings of my body coming back to life.

My heart ticked within my hollow chest. A small sound. Tick-tick-tick, like the clock upon the wall--the one with the little wooden bird and the dancin(more)
"You're a stronger person than I am," my mom says as we stand in the kitchen.

The countertop beside the sink is now a small nurse's station. Everything we need is compartmentalized: syringes and alcohol swabs, glucose tabs and meter, sticky notes so we can "x" in cas(more)
     The long night was drawing to a close, the ending of all endings.
     Solomon held up a withered, spotted hand. He knew it was withered and spotted because the light of day had shown it to be so. But here, in this darkness, he saw nothing. Hear(more)
And your teardrops fell
like blood from a wound,
they spattered around
in the dark of your room
when no one knew.
A simple word, "she."
"She" a word I force
through tightly pressed teeth.
Hissing, spitting, spite.
Her name I exchanged
for the small pronoun. (more)
scraped knuckles
the sting of serrated flesh
moving over bony joints
that can never be still

knuckle too deep (more)
The buzzing in my ears mimics the flies in the light, spinning and around and around and around; or angry bees
behind cotton. There is cotton in my ears and they are swarming and I am spinning. Flies and bees. Bees and buzzing. The fluorescent light in the closet(more)
    This was it--the moment of truth--the moment the ocean's swell would crash upon her, destroying everything in its wake. Her heart beat rapidly in the back of her dry throat. She swallowed it down, staring at the back of his head as he bent over his notepad.
    He wa(more)
the book on the floor
with the corners folded down
dog-eared and yellowed
the spine cracked
and the pages loose
They're all staring at me.

I can feel their whispers in the pit of my stomach as Mrs. Reynolds waits for my answer. The laughter will come next and then it will be over. My lunch will spill onto the floor and their looks of disgust will haun(more)
    Apathy hangs around me in the scent of cinnamon vapor cigarettes. We're too old to be out this late on a work night, but Ginger is bored.
    God, I hate it when she's bored.
    She works out twenty hours a week but it's never enough. She feels "gro(more)
    James stared at the cigarette burning in Pedro's fingers. The smoke curled slowly as the ash fell to the table top, leaving another nicotine stain. A fly buzzed nearby, beating its body against the window with suicidal persistence.
    James shifted in his seat. There was a (more)
He sat on the edge of his bed and looked around the darkened room. Shadows obscured all the familiar objects, making them seem foreign and grotesque in the navy-grey hue of dim moonlight filtering through the blinds. She was lying beside him, her breath deep and even, and he(more)
beep, beep, beep
the first thing to greet me when I awake
the kids are fighting
grumbling over waffles and cartoons
hurry, hurry, hurry
brush your teeth (more)