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“Where am I?”

“In the house of Hakon. You’ve been here for two days, recovering from your fever.”  

The voice was as refined as red wine, bespeaking good lineage and wealth. The soft bed beneath Ormar lent credulity to the claim. “Who is this?”  

“Eystr, atten(more)
I've seen it a hundred times. Some guy jumps off the roof, lands in a crouch and then runs off. A clean getaway because the guys chasing him don't want to risk a twisted ankle. That's the worse, right? A twisted ankle. Fucking movies.
sitting alone in a room of silence
no words to fill the space or the whiteness of a page
they writhe around
strings and strings of broken things
they bat around their cage of me
battered heads and tattered hearts (more)
I spent much of my youth being afraid of the world. What would Angie say when she saw me wearing the friendship bracelet Em had made for me? The two were so jealous of each other and it was a constant battle of "Who do you like more?" What(more)
My physical self offers nothing to be desired. I suppose my inner self is just as lack-luster, as transparent as a ghost and easily lost against the color of the world around us. I hover around the edges of your existence, waiting for that moment when our friendship progresses(more)
always loved the smell of matches,
the blue or red
phosphorous heads,
the strike,
the resistance of the sandpaper strip
being careful not to crush the box, (more)
just passing through
just watching time turn clouds from white to gray
it was a sunny day

wind in my hair and a song in the wind
then it came crashing down (more)
There was suppose to be nothing to it, a simple smash and go job. That's what Z said. Fuck Z. Z knew jack shit.

Tyler sat with his back against the wall, knees pressed into his chest to occupy as little space as possible. Four men stood sentry(more)
It was the favorite story among the old folk, the one they told while rocking on front porches in the early summer evenings, when the fireflies lit the fields like so many floating stars. Emma sat on the steps and listened to the familiar beginning, her jar held tightly(more)
Marissa shoved the bare essentials into her backpack and thrust her arms through the straps. Henry would waste no time hunting her down. This she was sure of.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and opened the window. It was a fifteen foot drop but(more)
Sometimes I fantasize about stepping out of my car in the middle of rush hour to walk on the concrete barrier that separates the ebb and flow of traffic like the wall of a cholesterol-caked artery. People would stare at me from the confines of their steel boxes and(more)
It was only at the end when I realized I loved you.

We were breaking down the tent, pulling up stakes and cleaning syrup from the pavement. Crumpled napkins rolled through the bleachers like mustard-smeared tumbleweeds and bees buzzed around trash cans smelling of sickly sweet vomit and(more)
be clever, be smart
be diplomatic and honest
be sweetness, be kind
be forgiving and trustworthy
be young at heart and wise of mind
be beautiful, be gracious (more)
I hold the term "our property" loosely. It was always yours. The same with everything else, your thumb pressed firmly in the center of my back. Pressure on the heart makes it hurt to beat, but beat it does. And beat it will.
like cold coffee
once steaming hot
craved, needed
now forgotten
hours old and
deemed (more)