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Cindy tapped her foot as she crossed her arms. John  had halted, his eyes fixated on a small building with a sign positioned next to an open door.

I must do this everyday. Even if it is just one sentence.
Just because I don't do something everyday, even though I should, doesn't mean I'm giving up or ready to disappear yet.

It means that I'm busy with life.
The little boy waited patiently. Beyond him lay pieces of candy shadowed by an upside-down bin with a piece of string attached to it. The little boy's palms held dearly to the other end of the string, waiting for their signal to pull. His breath remained as slow as(more)
"Sharon," said the voice inside the box, "Cancel today."
"I... Beg your pardon sir?" Sharon said befuddled.
"Cancel everything for today, if you would, Sharon."
"Even th..."
"Yup." (more)
"His favorite," the girl thought as she picked up the sweets. She tucked it next to the other goods in her basket before returning to the plethora of items on the shelves before her.

"Harper! I didn't know you liked those!" Said Barbie, as she loomed over he(more)
Confusion washed down the back of my mind, a single thought now formed. Who are you?

"Hey," She said, eye's pinched, burning a hole straight through mine, "who do you think you are? I've been waiting for 20 minutes, and then you come in like it's nothing, order,(more)
Be you, so I can be me.
I'll always remember the first time I had a jelly bean. It was succulent, with a nice little crunch... Or was that a pill bug? I could never remember.  

My favorite jelly bean was the grape flavor. The deep purple, almost black, reminded me of space. Once in(more)
"What a weird slogan." Jenny said, her thoughts ground still trying to make sense of the two words in front of her. "Wha... I... Eh... who... Why, it just makes no sense."  

"Maybe it's an empowering statement, like one of those motivational word thingys." Said Diana, letting out(more)
"That time of the year again," Kitch said, his head swaying back and forth. "That time again. Time to do nothing. Nothing at all."

"What time is that? It must be bad if everyone has it," said Stu, who had tied a bow on top of the floral(more)
Charlie filled his lungs, "That man's worse than a demon," he said, the image of the Nu-Army leader plastered before him. "Someone needs to kill him already." Anger swelled deep inside Charlie's heart.

Braxton remained fettered, a grimace  perched upon his face. "Silence boy, you know nothing." He said.(more)
"Bah," I said. No one else made an appearance inside the garage. Rodents had long ago claimed the boxes tucked away in here, and I alone had to reclaim them. "Out with it ya stupid rats." I said, the venom of each word visibly dripping from my mouth. My(more)
Avery's eyes drifted. Beside him was the girl he always fancied, her aroma consuming his lungs with every breath. He didn't mind, rather, he hoped they could remain like that for eternity.  

The placid movement of his eyes carried him away from the girl and towards the sky.(more)
"So slow," Jordan blinks. "So, so incredibly slow." Each word dangling, as if they couldn't be bothered to take the plunge from her mouth into the air around the opaque room. "

"We should trade places then, it's going too fast for me." Sam says, opening a window(more)