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The whole world is painted crimson. Not just the bottoms of the dark clouds that mass overhead, but also the ground, my hands, the hands of my captors. My face feels wet, but they won't let me wipe it.

I hear they've found me barely conscious by th(more)
All things considered, these might have been the cleanest deaths I've ever had on my hands.

Emergency Communications is a self-sustained room, with electrical circuits independent from those of the rest of the palace. Sitting on enough batteries to keep the tape players running for one whole night,(more)
They're aware of something, I can tell. I don't know what it is, but I don't find it likely they would patrol the Archival Section in such force at this time of night without some very good reason.

Unfortunately, time tends not to wait for questions to be(more)
I unfold the piece of paper once more. The hastily scrawled letters cover most of the front side, while the back contains only the traditional symbol for truth, drawn without the least amount of rush.

They knew how to grab my attention. (more)
I'm only a man. One man. Yet the task upon my shoulders is to bring down a centuries-old institution that also happens to be the central body of government of an empire. Whoever wants this done must be entirely crazy.  
Will it crumble? Will it have meaning?

The body that gave me joy for having me was a living thing, a beautiful entity created to guide mankind towards happiness. Their words in our Book, almost poetry. Most outside think of it that way. To the rest it is(more)
Under their breaths, the citizens like to call us Hands "the bats," because of our cloaked leather uniform. We in turn refer to them as "the beetles," almost always scurrying on the ground, embarrassingly proud of their occasional clumsy flight, naïvely confident that their hides will be enough to(more)
I'm already at the fifth starred can and even though every next tape brings me closer to retching, I can't take my eyes off the flickering image. The thrill of the forbidden, the anxiety mingled with the hope that the world remains ignorant of what I'm doing.
How do you call one who betrays a traitor?

The citizens like to say that he who robs a thief is forever forgiven, even though that hasn't been true ever since the Law was established, centuries ago. Can the same be said about one such as me? Will(more)
I'm not a bad person. I've killed, yes, but I was following orders. I've caused pain and grief, all in the name of the Law. Those who are now dead or limping by my hand have been struck by their own choice, as have been many of those now(more)
These men used to be my friends. Well, not quite: more like family. You can choose who will be your friend--not your brothers. We're enemies now, though. Personally I don't consider them as such, at least not just yet, for I think they still aren't on to the filth(more)
The quarters are engulfed in shadow. I look from a window at the immense stretch of cobblestone I'll have to traverse in order to follow the instructions I was given.  

Two things can make a large yard become immense: having to cross it unseen, and doing that unde(more)
It's funny how we take some things for granted. You wake up every morning and you just know they'll be there, because that's where they've always been. It's only logical. Something that's stood so firmly for so long is bound to last for at least that much more time.(more)
Now that was just sick.

Deep inside I wanted to believe I had just been too hasty to act upon a rumor. In fact, I've spent the last half an hour trying to convince myself that the note I found earlier was part of some plot, the wor(more)
The noise. The cold. The dread.

I know they're here somewhere, that it's only a matter of time before they find me. I gave it all I could, knowing I'd eventually have to accept the fact that I couldn’t escape. Yet by some instinct I refuse to give(more)