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Mary rested her hands on her head and looked at the ceiling of her pantry, heaving a loud sigh.
Cooking for cooks was a nightmare for Mary. Mary didn't even like to cook for herself, much less people who didn't like her.
God. They were coming here. People i(more)
Candy twirled her rough hair between her fingers and watched the beautiful people move around the studio. They were like fireworks, bright colors flashing across the dark room then slipping into the shadows only to be followed by different bursts of movement.
One of the hardest things in life is knowing what you need. It's easy to know what you want. It's so easy the things you want fly to your mouth and slip between your lips before you know what's happened.

Need, that's a different story. Donna was unlik(more)
When Hanna was born the whole family was so excited they forgot to get Martha from softball practice.

Martha and her coach sat on the bleachers surrounding the field for three hours before her aunt Mary pulled up. Embarrassed, Martha got into the car with her head dow(more)
Lost in the wrinkles of his mind, she knew she would never mean enough to him. He swallowed all his love each night, debating the wrongs of the world or clicking away on his ancient typewriter. Riding waves of cheap whiskey, genius would sprawl across the page. For hours(more)
The sun slipped under the hill as I spend my last night under my parents roof. Tomorrow I'd be under a new roof. Our roof.  

My head on the pillow, the purple twilight fills the room with long ago voices.  

"Martha, are you asleep?"  
"No." My fri(more)