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Blueberry pie

I'm in love with blueberry pie. Ours is a longstanding love affair; well, one-sided, really, but I don't mind. When the seductive fragrance  wafts through the kitchen, beckoning me closer, I can believe it loves me back.  

All attempts at healthy  substitution a(more)

Easy does it. One day at a time. The birthday medallion glinted at her, as if to remind her that sometimes it isn't so easy. Mary lifted the wobbling coffee cup, sloshing onto the table. She didn't know what was worse, her aching head or  her heart, tied(more)
Stolen Roses

Rosettes on the the wedding cake
In my aunt’s freezer
I couldn’t resist

We saw the changes in my mom coming, slowly but inexorably. Her body, her mind, the qualities that defined her had begun to slip away.  

She began to repeat herself. Some family members didn’t want to believe it meant something. I knew it did, because I was wit(more)
“Oh my god, take those kids to the park or something. Can’t they go to the pool?”

Bob was exhausted and it was only 9:00 AM. Three of his four children aged 3, 6, and 8 shrieked and ran through the house while his wife, Pamela, tried t(more)
I will win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes

Government will actually put the good of the nation above its posturing

Royal jelly is the ingredient that shapes the queen.  Sensing her time is drawing short, the aging queen creates a special egg cup for her future heiress. Fed this chemical elixir by the drones, she will develop into a special bee.

The virgin queen begins to pipe a(more)
When I was 12, Rachel Carson changed my life. Although we never met (and in fact, she was dead by then), she helped me develop an ardent belief that our planet needed saving.  

Rachel  graduated with a master’s degree in zoology in 1932, no small feat for(more)
It wasn’t a moving van, always a truck. For reasons we never understood, our temporary residence in the current small town came to an end and we set off on the highway to the next. The tiny hamlet list grew:  Prospect, Jordan Valley, Glide, Reedsport, (and a particularly vile berg(more)
To the Bhagwan, the citizens of The Dalles were all just rednecks. The salad bars were probably past their prime in the first place; lettuce going brown at the edges, a bit of a crust developing on the potato salad container, a sad slice of cucumber limply edging the(more)
I was raised with labs. Their goofy demeanor and undying love of humans (whether deserving or not) always seemed just right to me. They are the older brother everyone wanted as a kid.

On the other hand, we have poofs with ribbons, bows and outfits. A creature tha(more)

Dianne’s short, thin, dyed hair was brushed upwards in her usual odd style. It looked like she had stood in front of a fan aimed toward a spot on the ceiling. She hadn’t been well, and in fact had retired, but here she was driving the bus again. Jani(more)
burning issues

burgundy shoes

I create my meaning; you go create your own.
   The tension starts to build the day before. I know I could just make my excuses, bow out, save myself the agony from yet another happy gathering - but how do you decide when you care for your partner and when you are just being codependent? Maybe I(more)
She spoke softly,  "Be still".

The wind swirled across the white blurred landscape, touching it with icy fingers and leaving behind patterns scratched under our feet. No other sound...