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Parry milkvetch jpeg
I am naked
on a mattress stage
calling for a curtain
to close
around me
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?
He even washed the dishes
with a foreign accent
or what I took then, twelve years old,
for a foreign accent,
his hips in the kiss-the-chef apron (more)
I want to be someone of whom you'll say
he's drunk, but no more than usual
and mean it with love

I want to arch my eyebrow
when you say that (more)
Back in college I nailed a pair of twins
who were identical, but if you spent five minutes with them
you knew Eli thought they were God’s
double barrel gift to man
and wanted to make sure they got handed out (more)
The only time she could forget about it was when they were face to face. When she was at work, when she was driving home from his place, even when she was on his couch and he went into the kitchen to get a beer, she couldn’t stop thinking(more)
You know, I liked you.  You seemed like an interesting guy.  So it’s a damn shame you had to hit your last wife, even one time, and it’s a damn shame you had to write about it on your blog where my mother could find it.
She could pretend she thought it was endearing, but he knew it annoyed her. He caught her sometimes putting her Wheaties box between them on the table so she wouldn’t have to watch him doing it. It made him sick with a horror that she would leave him, this(more)
The first year he lived in the house, he saw the Girl Scout from an upstairs window, and he stayed upstairs until she went away.  That wasn’t too bad.  The next year he didn’t see her until she was almost at the door, and he was at the kitchen window, and(more)
Because you were my best friend
I told you in confidence
about my crush
on you.

I swore you scout’s honor not to tell, (more)
But there was no rationing, no draft;
nothing changed during the war
except the headlines,
and we as a generation
still needed a crucible.
It probably wouldn’t have worked if either of us had had anyone very close in our lives at the time.  But I was recently divorced, no kids, and he was single; my parents had retired to New Zealand, his mother was senile and his father dead; I wrote freelance and(more)
yesterday a wind like a wide-shouldered
man with a walrus moustache
clapping you on the back

today like a Playboy Bunny
squeezing by you in a narrow hallway
The next time we got together, she said as we were heading upstairs that she was tired of hugs and kisses.  She had never understood how people didn’t get bored making out.  

“No reflection on you,” she said when I looked as blatantly hurt as I could – she(more)
My dad got in a mood sometimes where he could only eat in geometric series. From the slice of meatloaf on his plate, he’d cut off half and eat it, then half of what was left, then half of what was left, and so on until the crumb of(more)
They weren't people I knew or desired or feared. I don’t think they even knew each other to begin with, though they got to know each other as the years went on. I had the the sense that they had been assigned to me at random; in any case,(more)