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We were huddled in a group in the foyer.  I was glad of the warmth of the hotel after the biting wind in the cemetery.  My hands were still dug deep inside my pockets and felt as if they would take a while to defrost in spite of the blazing fire(more)
"So if you look just to the right of that, you'll see the North Star", he said as I followed his finger.  To me they all just looked the same.  But I nodded along, feigning interest.  I don't know why I agreed to go along in the first place.  I guess I had(more)
We did not grow up with blueberries.  They were a relatively recent addition to the supermarket aisles.  I had, of course, heard of them but imagined them somehow to be bluer than they were.  They were really more of a dusty purple and not as sweet as I imagined.  They were no substi(more)
There was that moment almost before waking when all seemed right in the world.  It was barely an instant and was probably the best part of the day.  It was the moment that felt like Before.  Once the eyes opened, stretch, roll over then Reality.  No matter how much she clung to that(more)
"Look at the way the light moves over the water...."
The lecture theatre was hot and I was tired.  I knew that the technical bits were as important as the field work, but I just had no interest today.  Some days I could muster some enthusiasm for the weekly lecture o(more)
"You'd really want to want to", is what he first said it to me.  I sat and tried to digest this.  It was a strange way of describing anything.  My hands involuntarily hugged my coffee mug to extract come comfort from the heat.  I had thought that getting here and meeting him was(more)
"She ain't notin' but a golddigger"
I could hear the tune even from where was standing.  To say it was inappropriate was a bit of an understatement.  I was familiar with the song, if in fact you could call it that.  The girls sometimes sang along to it in the car eve(more)
I had never had a gin and tonic before.  As I stood in the hotel suite I could hear the tinkle of ice in a glass from the kitchenette adjacent to the sitting room.  
"Do you want lime with it?", he asked.
Lime?  I had never had a lime before either.  This(more)
"All things will change.  Today will be long forgotten in the todays of the future."  
This is all I could come up with.  Weak and somewhat confusing!  Also not exactly a comforting thought in a lot of ways.  But my brain seemed unable to manage even the most basic of t(more)
"You have such pretty eyes", I hated when people said things like that to me.  Or, you have gorgeous hair or a beautiful face.  Hated it!  In my mind it was all crap and they might as well come out and say it.  You're fat!  Fat and the only thing they can scrape together(more)
The next station was a spear throwing one.  I was pretty dubious about the team building day to begin with and this only stood to intensify my feelings about it.  I failed to see how the act of throwing a spear could help to improve my performance as an accountant.  There were(more)
It was okay when we lived in the other house.  It was okay then.  It was less noticeable.  I think the sheer size of the house diluted the problem.  There was simply just so much space that we were like two tiny squash balls bouncing around in an infinite squash court, unlikely to(more)
They don't care.  But it's not their fault.  They don't care because they don't know.  They don't know what I am going through.  And they don't know what I am going through because I have kept it hidden from them.  That makes it all my fault, again.  My. (more)
The sun was high in the sky and I knew we would have to find shelter soon.  By now I was getting good at gauging the time of day by just the movements in the sky.  It was probably nearly noon time.  Our water sources were limited and even though it was(more)
"Fear not, fair Maiden, I will whisk you to safety!"
Wow, that sounded mega cheezy.  It was so cheezy it made me use the word "mega" which was in and of it's self the epitome of cheeze!  

The writing wasn't really going very well.  That was a massive understatement.  Why(more)