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"To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die."

What you do in your car,
Drive down under lights that go out
as you pass - for the fourth time.
With mild enthusiasm she began to touch my skin. And even though she did not seem to care, like most people do with contact, she brought with her touch a certain warmth. She looked at me with lonely eyes, telling me without speaking that...
I am tired of this body
the one that keeps me in this room
give me a new one that moves
Give me one that is alive and one that can feel
normal(Y) in form and throught.
surfacing from flame
of molten rock they rise
born from hellish tarr
and divine sun
womb of the heated earth
core of creation (more)
A walk through the green hinders the conscious, the feelings and notions that are otherwise subconscious come to the forefront of your mind. You feel the forest in its entirety, the ground you tread on is the same ground that makes the earth whole. The monolithic trees around you(more)
Not quite there,
Fall (in love)
Give way to grey
Quiet light
Speak and be found (more)
I open my mouth and from it I can feel long thin legs reach out and place themselves in a ring around my lips, as if to pull out what they come from from my throat. I can see them, blurred but long and white, they are then, almost(more)
The light comes down,
In the cylinder - his red dress set ablaze,
Inside he is a sunflare,
Lapping at the edges of the stage,
Hands and legs - spouts of fire,
Shadow and smoke make way, (more)
it is time again,
for the sun to come,
i said goodbye to you -
that was only yesterday -
i had forgotten your warmth,
the happiness you bring, (more)
I asked him if he would like to sit, in a way that you offer something you don't really want to give up but do out of courtesy and the implied expectation that the person will refuse your offer, telling you "no I'm fine, but thank you." This man(more)
With current wounds my place in this world is a cold one. One that is not empty, but everything that exists in it feels distant, and unobtainable. I am alone in this place, and island in a frozen blizzard-ridden bay. The trees are frozen, the ground is frozen. I(more)
"Pull harder!"

The unanimous shout from the square rings out through the city for miles around. All trying to help the people tugging on the rope attached to the statue with pent of feelings of rage and disgruntlement. Raising morale, shouting out the dictator that has controlled thei(more)
I open to the voice of someone on a speaker.  I am alone. Their voice is foggy, almost submerged it says,

"Departure for home leaves in one hour."
     A man washes up on the shore. In his nakedness he will be ogled by the beach-goers and teased. He will stand stout and he will walk step-by-step. He will stop and tear his skin from his muscles and white bones. Reach under his upper lip and push(more)
Tied around my red finger, a growth of a bow. Not to spear an animal with a tip of poison. One of decoration, pointless but in celebration. Faces kiss the crescent and leave no moisture; they are dry and empty: Overdone and Wrong. Backing away I stand alone adorned(more)