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They just don't.  Many think they do, but when it comes down to it, no one really knows for sure.

It's funny too - it's one of the most powerful forces in the world, and the most brilliant minds in the planet can't figure it out.  Great works of art,(more)
It's that kind of world is what they say.

Does that mean we are all cannibals?
Depressing, but true.
A simple idiom  that exemplifies the fact that we are all animals.  Humans try to say we have a higher purpose than the others beasts inhabiting rock.
We don't, we really(more)
sitting still on the window sill.
swallow a mouthful of pills
trying not to think
but my mind fills
visions of red ink
head for the hills (more)
Sad sight to see.
That wounded tiger.  Wonder what happened to it? It's such a big beast. Powerful.  What could pull off that feat.  Hell if I know, but I can be sure I don't want to meet it.
A pack for your back is the most useful pack out there.  It can carry an assortment of objects, for various situations.  Best not underestimate the utility of a well prepared backpack.  Get one with enough space to carry the essentials.  
We're talking;
Food rations.
"Well, how many times do I have to say it.  That shit ain't right."  Ted defends his stance.

"Who are you-how can you judge?  You some kind of god?"  Ron asks accusingly.

With a large exhale, and a short chuckle, Ted responded "....yeh."  before going int(more)
Yeah, sure I'll steal that.  Ok fine, that too? Mine.  I ain't no bitch, an orange a day keeps the scurvy away.  Remember that kids.
What great joy the life of the open water brings me.  Me, and nothing else in sight.  Sea and sky in all directions.  Solitude.(more)
Night light.  Never needed one, but would like one now.  A certain one.  Maybe you've hear of it.  I want a blue canary in the outlet by the light switch.  Who watches over you!
Take it.  That's the motto I'm living by.  I want what I want, and I'm going to take it.

Here I am, five years later, a grad with a degree of useless knowledge that I don't want to use ever again.  

So, working the summer overnight shifts trying t(more)
Not really even in the mood to do this one.  
It's a good trigger.
and shit; it applies.
Just a god damn broken smile here.

It popped in the face of Ralph.  The latex burst on impact.  Rubber scattered in all directions from the point contact,  resembling rubber shrapnel; like a grenade.

It hit where Adam aimed; square in his face.  Right on the nose.  Water splashed, and the slap of th(more)
The dagger was on the counter.
It was.  I swear.
What else could I do though?  I felt threatened.  He informed me what he my parents.  What he was about to do to me.
"If I may", Rick interjected.  Not with a look of worry, but of someone needing to be heard.

"Listen, I know I may not be the biggest...."  Rick was having a hard time putting a finger on the term "...investor...of this...plan, I guess is what you'd call it.  But....I, as all(more)
I chucked the bottle.  In it a note.
It read;
"Go kindly, fuck off."
I hope to think, that someone will find it.  When they find it, I wish them to believe someone, somewhere was out to sea.

On an island.  Alone, maybe with cheeky monkey pal, or a talking parrot.(more)

"Get that god damn light outa my eyes!" I spat.
"It's not a light, it's a laser!" he quipped.
It was...a green laser.  Blasting my retinas.
"FUCK MAN"  I screamed as I felt a sharp burning pain where the beam hit my cornea.  It felt like a hot needle skewering my eye.(more)