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I wanted to bomb every bird's nest there was.  

Sunlight streaked through the room, highlighting the dust motes that were clearly visible, floating about in the air.  The early morning chirping of the birds roused me from my  peaceful slumber and I had a hell of a time trying to(more)
The humid Virginia summer was greeted with the onset of the warm evening air, as fireflies flew across Samantha's gaze, peppering her vision with luminous glowing bulbs, giving away their relative location in the growing darkness.   The willow tree provided a sheltering of sorts as Samantha tottered in her(more)
"What will you have?"  The man asked behind the counter.  He rubbed his hands against an old, ragged white towel that had seen better days.  His brown, tired eyes shifted to me before addressing the customer ahead of me.  
The complacent woman looked out across the relatively calm, deep blue, ocean--the kind that, at any moment, could rouse into something much more overwhelming and all-consuming.  She had little to fear as her days passed idly by with the same monotony as the predictable calm waves that washed ashore and(more)