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Ask a mike-inja
I was a recluse by nature. My best natural strength to be hidden -- blend into the environment; Change was my enemy. Confrontation, my arch nemesis. In team sports I would hang out near the back of the field, and when the ball came to me, I would do(more)
Breathe Alison, just breathe. I sat behind the wheel in my silver Nissan Bluebird. I was parked and yet both of my hands gripped the wheel tightly, as if it might fall off if I didn't. I unbuckled the seat belt that constricted my chest and returned my hands(more)
It could be yours I kept repeating in my head. It was a mantra. I wasn't normally afraid of heights, but this branch was particularly hazardous. And yet at the end of it was my reward, dangling by a thread. I took a glance at the ground below at(more)
Clock ticks
Light blinks
Head thinks

Hands itch
Legs twitch (more)
My body lay in its coffin, perfectly still. It was dressed in my best tan suit, in my shoes that had never looked so polished. A sterile expression was drawn across its face; what used to be my face. The eyes were done up with eyeliner which looked absolutely(more)
I searched the group of faces for the one. The one who gave me glances in the lunchroom. We never introduced ourselves, and it had been over a week since he started working for the same task masters I proud myself on working for. He sat at a table(more)
Life should be more simple.

It seems like such a self-important phrase now that I think about it. What's so difficult about the life of Max Brody? I have a steady income, I have a house with assorted bills, but bills that I can pay without too muc(more)
The Styrofoam cup flipped in slow-motion, sending the black coffee spiraling. It spewed in all directions until the cup came to a rest on the pavement where it rolled passed pedestrian feet and into the gutter. I stared at it unbelieving, as if this blip in time was nothing(more)