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Wilson the black cat squeezed through the tight gap in the fence to arrive at an unfamiliar house. He sniffed the grassy backyard. There didn't appear to be a sign of any domestic animal life. Birds and hedgehogs sure, but no other cats, and thankfully no dogs. Wilson jumped(more)
"Chin up mate, you'll find someone else," Hank said as he patted my leg.
I suppose it was meant to reassuring, but it only made me uncomfortable. If I wasn't so miserable I think I would tell him to leave. It didn't help that I was still in yesterday's(more)
We were a couple on opposite sides of the spectrum. Linda was adventurous and daring, always after that next big thrill. Last year it was the snowboarding craze. This year it was archery. I tagged along of course, as any good boyfriend should. I tried my best to enjoy(more)
"It's your turn Simon," said little Bethany, handing over the wooden baseball bat.
Simon took the bat and targeted the swaying object hanging from the tree.
"Hey, no cheating. You gotta be blindfolded first," cried Bethany.
"I'm just practicing sheesh."
"Well don't."
Bethany walked up behind Simon and (more)
Those dark grey eyes glared at me. He was nothing but a wispy mustache drooped over thin lips. "So, what's your next move?"
I gripped the woman tighter, pulling her to cover my person.
The cop lowered his gun and tucked it into his holster.
"Son, you don't want(more)
What does it take these days to be a hero? It's no longer knights in shining armour and rebels like Robin Hood. It's something a lot less obvious. And I should know, I've been trying like hell.

This last week I entered a burning building to rescue a(more)
Lockers flashed by me as I hurriedly made my way to my classroom. School was over and I just hoped that it was still unlocked. I was literally halfway home before I realised I had left my homework on my desk. Now, why would a young girl act so(more)
Harrison panted as he heaped off the last shovel of dirt over his head. The dirt joined the large pile next to a gaping hole in the ground. Harrison threw the shovel out of the hole he was standing in and he gazed at what he had just uncovered.(more)
Your touch
Fires up
Every nerve,
Every fibre.

Your touch (more)
I hovered behind them like an angry hornet, pulling up close, about to hit his bumper. Who did this fool think he was driving under the speed limit? He doesn't deserve a licence. I hooted again, two loud short bursts, to no avail. There was no passing lane on(more)
This itch won't go away,
It scratches at my skull.

It's more than pain,
More than grief,
It's defeat. (more)
It squawked
Miles above me,
A flutter of wings,
A whooshing of air,

I was up for a moment (more)
The small boy looked up at me with those big round, brown eyes.
"Please Mister, I need to know."
I bent down on one knee in my dark suit.
"It's magic."
The boy didn't look too pleased at that answer. He frowned and something wet began to form i(more)
Rolling thunder crackled around me as I crept along in the shadows. Perfectly timed. Just like in all the horror movies where someone's about to commit evil deeds.

There's something about thunder that I admire. It's a sound that seemingly has no origin. The sky is vast and(more)
Blue sky, if only. The horizon exploded before me in grey and white. Rain poured down with a frenzy. Was that sleet or hail falling onto the pavement as I walked, littering the concrete and grass with beads of white?