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Back to the beginning
Back when you were born
And your love was brought into this world
Uninformed, unbiased, unknowing
Simply loving
Original Sin be damned (more)
The mouse with small hands
Used his tiny tools to start
A fire up high.
The amber bottle traveled more miles than many humans would in a lifetime. It had seen countless environments, people, animals, weather, and most importantly, signatures. The glass time capsule contained the mark of individuals who found time out of their day to make it. A rolled up, crinkled, yellowed(more)
My emotions are like a city.
In the glow of day, cheerful and busy;
Interacting with others.
In the black of night, melancholy and strained;
Singular in their efforts.
Bleak like the near empty subway train; (more)
The woman looked down at her dress. She has worn this dress a hundred times, but it had never looked so dark. Midnight rolled on the silk and coal dust coated the lace; so furiously void of color it suffocated her. She felt old and worn down by the(more)
My foot itches. I don't move to scratch it. Moving would break it, the silence. I've been curled up on the floor for hours now; who knows, it might be more than a day. I can't see any clocks and I don't move to see. Moving would break it,(more)
When we had married
I thought that we both had love
Turns out she didn't
Studied all last night
For my final two exams
I'm so over it
On the surface I'm fine.
I laugh and smile and speak.
What lies beneath, is different.
I cry and grimace and roar.
On the surface I'm happy.
I talk about it. (more)
Under the table
I sprayed the old, moldy food
Once dead, yet it moves.
No belief in God
Shot his ashes into space
Stardust was his fate.
The best compliment
Is when I congratulate
Myself on a fart
My entire life
My existence has been fake
A dusty novel
In the labyrinth
Where light fails and night triumphs
To get through, we kill.
When words fail, so do countries.
When words fail, so do cities.
When words fail, so do businesses.
When words fail, so do marriages.
When words fail, so do friendships.
When words fail, so do families. (more)