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Fire cat
in the corner of her mind
there's a shadow on the wall
stretched, but timid, cowering in fear.
almost invisible,
but too dark to really disappear
a stain in our perfect world. (more)
The mist was everywhere- we couldn't see a thing beyond our noses, gray fog obscuring even our hands when held out in front of us. There was a white noise around us, a fuzziness to my mind, to her voice, to the lines of my body.
I don't know(more)
it was
with stars.
stretching on eternally,
encasing us in glass, (more)
It happened in math class- the boy sitting behind me had allergies and was spewing germs all period. I could feel them- the germs- creeping towards me. But they had ten more minutes of travel time and they wouldn't make it from his hands to his desk to my(more)
there was no watch that night
no watch no watch no watch
they were supposed to watch and they didnt they didnt
no watch no watch no watch
they were asleep fast asleep i think they were so heavily asleep that they didnt hear the enemy coming they didnt(more)
i get breathless from
a lot of things.
running (wow that wears me out)
walking (yeah maybe i should exercise more)
sitting down (okay now it's getting embarrassing)
laughing (this is my favorite) (more)
How hard is it, dear,
to get up and blow your nose?
you are driving me

You need to move on, she says. Forget it and get on with your life.
I smile smile smile at her, pull the covers further around my shoulders. In order to forget, I tell her, I'd have to remember. And no no no I most certainly do not remember.(more)
The sky was a pale yellow and a deep purple, both the moon and the sun visible on the horizons. The trees were flooded on one side with buttery glow, the other with an inky glimmer, no shadows in sight, light everywhere, light everywhere.
Ice crystals dangled from the(more)
Only a devil would think that way; in images of blood and darkness, in words screamed and pleaded, in feelings of pain and sadism.
Only a devil would act that way; cutting skin and grinning while watching it bleed, relishing in terrified screams and pleas for mercy, enjoying the(more)
They were each holding one end of the black bag, the middle drooping dangerously between them, as though the girl inside were laying, carefree, on a hammock, instead of dead. Hundreds of bags were to their left, all the dead laid side by side, blanketed in black. Hundreds of(more)
they were flashing brightly
little red and yellow and white spots
flickering in front of my eyes
i moaned and clutched my jaw
holding the ice flush against my face
who knew getting wisdom teeth out hurt this much?
I was in the center of my room, my body folded over on itself, arms wrapped around my legs, head tucked into my knees. There were tears running down my face.
I had been this way for hours, focusing instead on the hole in my chest, on the void(more)
I was in a private meeting with my teacher, late late late after school, and we were talking about an essay I had written.
Well, he was talking. I was trying not to cry.

                "wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong"(more)