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Arguing with you
as though by rote,
Reciting fallacies,
citing inconsistencies, and
forcing opinions- grabbing me by the crook
of my arm and forcing them into me. Violently. (more)
It was the failure to find my reflection in your eyes that did.
I have become so accustomed to watching myself distorted in your irises.
But I am no vampire.
And if my reflection is absent (more)
He sat haughtily across from me, his elbow on the mahogany table, the point of his sculpted chin resting carelessly on the back of his hand.

A few more moments of silence were to pass before he drew himself up to his full height, squared his thin bird-lik(more)
The soot on your cheek reminds me of the time that your father and I were in the thick of it.
Up to our asses
sliding down faster than we could pull ourselves up.

You have the same steely look in your eyes that he did then.
We lay on our backs. Stretched out on the bare mattress, staring up into the ceiling as silvery bands of moonlight fall across our feet. A noisy ceiling fan beats the stale air, wobbling perilously with each rotation, sending it's pull chain whirling  wildly above our heads.

Next door(more)
He was a handsome older man. Well dressed, smelled fantastic. Wore a smile that was remarkably disingenuous, but comforting nonetheless.

I let him buy me a drink, and we stared out across the water. A water taxi passed us by, the last trip of the evening, its festive(more)
They lost the house and the help.
Convinced us that they traded velvet for velour, but really, the house was a joke;
A pile of disjointed lumber
sticking out of the ground.
A fracture. (more)
My mother once told me that lying is a sickness, that people who lie are actually infected.  

It was before she left, I sat in her lap in the blue before dawn, while she nursed the baby and sang us a lullaby.

"Daddy kissed Thomas" I sai(more)
The old man smiled, his teeth were yellow and his face was craggy, but warm. Deep wrinkles swallowed his black eyes, giving him a knowing yet somber countenance.

He reached out and took my hand gladly while I wiped my feet on the welcome mat.

"Long journey(more)
He'd toss her careless smiles from across the track. Would surround himself with all the necessities of someone of his stature, that is-- the women, drugs, and alcohol.

Pursued her throughout the house on the off season, naked and arrogant, virile, wicked, and selfish; until he fell upo(more)
"Alright." He coughed, wetting the corners of his mouth with the tip of his tongue.

"I was maybe 8 or 9 and we were living at my grandma's. We had spent all day at this giant outlet mall. We bought so many fucking clothes, it was hot a(more)
It's been a few days since I last saw you- fingers curled around a cup of too-expensive-to-be-good coffee. You had on the jacket that I like that makes you look like an intern, but little things betrayed you. Your hair was recently cut, your beard was trimmed short, and(more)
The year of the snake ended awhile ago, yet here I am, devouring my own tail, complaining about the shit and the scales.

Up to my ass in dishes and smoldering over some stupid shit you said while eating the chicken I touched, and seasoned, and burned for(more)