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        It was the third day since he had managed to stumble across the swamp city. His armor was tight, sluggishly heavy. Strange vines growing all along the inside and outside of his armor, restricting his movements to little more than a hurried shamble. Deep in his heart, he knew(more)
        He didn't miss them. In the same way that he didn't miss any of the passengers through the abyss. He was thankful for their presence, however little time they spent, as well as what gifts some brought and the memories they left. He needed nothing and asked for less. (more)
        "You sure you want me to leave, Garza?", The big guy asked.
        "You gotta get home and sleep. I know you got dock-duty' in the morning and kids to feed on that work," she said without looking up, cleaning a rag in an attempt to(more)
        "I want to know everything. Now, Domraro. If I get the feeling that you might be holding back, that you deceive me for a second with anything so much as the tiniest white lie, I call in the entirity of my order", Jrogan demanded, slamming his fist down on(more)
        Standing on wood. Looking around, he found it more appropriate to say they were standing on a vast tree. Sized enough that, were there life in the abyss, it should be a city. In the darkness it just gave off the same paranoid vibe that most of the abyss(more)
        At the thunderous crash of his voice amidst the silence, all of the soldiers began running at once. Just as they reached the edge of the will shield, he released it. Simultaneous with the release of the shield, he ripped the Sword of Typhoons out of the ground into(more)
        He stood, sword of typhoons lodged halfway into the ground, a fortress of sanctuary against the dark battalion that circled just beyond the edge.
        The Judicator knew little of the people he currently protected. He didn't ask (more)