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There was, amongst well-cleaned old typewriters and Emeco desk chairs, an umbrella stand. This was before Internet access was ubiquitous, when I'd stop a few times a week at a cafe where I would log in and check email, and maybe buy an airline ticket on Hotwire if I(more)
"Go get your jammies on and chose a book."

"NO! I want to watch someone die," wailed my 4-year-old daughter. I insisted that I had no videos of dying people on my computer, but she shrieked: "YES YOU DO! JUST TYPE IT IN AND SEARCH!"

My goo(more)
It'sa he-said/she-said kinda thing. Shoulda been clear but you don't want to start with a contract and glossary. Don't know if I could. I pitched it as a friendship, he took it as an escapade, we got sloppy and switched positions halfway through but didn't realize it, and there(more)
I hesitate, though you wouldn't know it to hear me. At my first real job, I was told that they were reluctant to take me on in the kitchen because I was known as the most chatty of the counter workers. They knew I could cook, but they were(more)
I try to impregnate the paper with pigment, to stain it not only on the surface but through to the fibers that I cannot see. The saturation is what ensures the value, and in my family we have always tended to favor bold colors.
About all she could say was Goddammit.

She liked his vocabulary, even when his sentence structure was weak. He used "paroxysm" so naturally, was not afraid of contradictions and weak spots because he had so many. It helped, probably, that he was taller than most people and coul(more)
We mark milestones as they occur/ first smiles/ first steps/first words.

I did not know when their small voices with imprecise lexicons would give way to English, when I would relinquish my role as translator.

I understood that baby sign language would be replaced by voiced word(more)
When I began, I started with a capital letter and went from there. I expected I knew what would follow, I trusted the meaning of punctuation. More loud than quiet, I pressed my meaning into these discrete units and laid them in thin, even lines. Handwriting that tilted was(more)
I made a plum cake again, with a bag of fruit I pulled from the freezer, already split and stoned and measured into a bag--just the right number of plum halves to cover to the top of the almond batter in an 8-inch springform pan. We gave away half(more)
"Can you do a backbend?"  

No. The girl could not do a backbend yet. She could do a bridge, starting from laying on the floor with her knees and elbows pointing upward, but she could not get there from standing.  

The woman puts her hand on the(more)
There is a term for it, young woman. Would it make a difference if you knew from the start that you were taking part in a tradition, rather than breaking new ground?

I write to you from further up the mountain, but I am not writing to you(more)
A woman wrote to me. I want to say she was young, but that only means that she was somewhere near my age. By the time we are old women, young women will lump us together, so a difference of a decade is irrelevant. What she said was what(more)
Just before Independence Day, I got a toothache. I was not sure that the sensation was best described as an ache: my jaw locked up and I could not open wide enough to bite a sandwich. When I was younger I would frequently bang on my jaw to unlock(more)
I walked up the hillside in the evening with my newly-six-year-old daughter. She had begged all day to go on a walk and I had put her off because we were waiting for her dad to return, long overdue, from his bike ride. The women tried to avoid wringing(more)
The family reunion was in a strange place, surrounded by dead grass and gravel, 26 miles out of town. We all filed in to the huge structure, which looked like it was designed as a horse barn. In a kitchen equipped with two electric ranges side by side, we(more)