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Every night, I wake up from nightmares that end with that terrible sound.  Not that it sounded gruesome or disgusting, it can actually sound lovely in other ears.  Yet, whenever I hear that sound: my hands tremble, I stand still in fear, my heart stops.  

For five years, I've been(more)
For centuries kings, emperors, dictators, and presidents have to the lie: carry on.  The king told his soldiers and peasants to carry on, the peasants grabbed him out of his thrown and cut off his head.  The emperor told his people to carry on, his empire crashed and was conquered.  The dictat(more)
I remember the loud, lively sounds of the old ragtime bands as I walk down the ghettos of Malbury, Missouri.  Ol' Abe would dance around, making the children bounce and dance along with him while playing the trumpet.  Johnson Mckinnley pounded his large palms on his drums, making a sound that(more)