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Can you find serenity in the city?  For me, it cannot be found as easily as when I'm sitting in front of the ocean, my toes warming from the diluted heat of an Autumn sun.   It doesn't come as effortless as when I'm standing amongst redwoods, dwarfed by their towering(more)
Please don't ask me about it
It cuts too deep
I prefer to divert, conceal,
hide behind the concrete walls of a facade.
But fissures widen,
bulge from whats stored inside. (more)
Dopamine.  The motivation chemical.  Without a sufficient amount, we may not even be motivated enough to feed ourselves.  B has this problem.  Seems like he has since he was born.  Kept at the hospital for weeks after birth, he could not breathe on his own.   (more)
It was 4th of July and we were celebrating with the bit of liquor we could siphon from our parent's fridge.  We got directions to the place from Brian, "It's the only house on the block with a huge garage that looks like a construction site."  2525 Kipuka St.  My sisters and(more)
Although you might never know it, the lazy eye is far less  lazy than you think.  

It is the only eye that captures the subliminal, full-on peripheral, the wandering, and the just barely out of sight.  

It works harder than the "working" eye because it's been pigeon-holed as(more)
Each second passes with the seriousness of a heart attack.  She walks to the window, parts the thick curtains, like cream that has formed on the top of churned milk.  Her eyes wander the blackness, bleakness of the purple night, unable to focus on anything.  She lets the curtains fall, bouncin(more)
The things he did were subtle, to make me fall in love.
But yesterday he was blatant.
Four bouquets of flowers to tell me,
Happy three years together and
I love you.
Back where I'm from in Santa Cruz, there is a za joint called Pizza My Heart (have you heard of it?  Their shirts are EVERYWHERE).  In the crowded village of Capitola, tourists take up parking spots and flood the small, toxic beach, pining to get away from the hot heat of(more)
in a minute this minute will be gone.  I sit here staring into the foam of my cappuccino, watch as milk white turns into roasted brown.  Brett Dennen on my iPod because I still can't get enough of him after his show last night.  We push push push for the NEXT minute,(more)
Throw it away.  You need to start from scratch.
Isn't that like succumbing to regrets?
Why regret?  
Haven't the decisions you've made in life brought you to exactly where you should be?
Right here.
Do you have a boyfriend?  Parenthetically speaking (are you free and willing to screw?)

Sure, I can get you a side of extra aioli dip.  Parenthetically speaking (and I'll charge you an extra $2.50 for it).

I'm so sorry, I couldn't get work off for your graduation party!  Pare(more)
He seemed to appear out of nowhere.  But there he stood on the grass, playing football with a friend.  Her last relationship ended all of 12 hours ago, the pain as real and raw as the red lines gouged into the tender parts of her arm.  She sat on the sand listening(more)
one does not know how deeply a landscape is part of the self, until that landscape is taken, striped,
you are redeposited
like a transient, or puffs of seed from cottonwood.
one does not know how deeply the self aches for that particular landscape
until you are gone fro(more)