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Like liquid flame shooting from his fingertips, Dane Clark constructed algorithms that poured through the ether of cyber reality ripping apart zeros and ones, morphing the data into no more than unintelligible charcoal. He could almost smell the enemy’s server melting into a puddle of plastic and copper. It(more)
The checkout line in purgatory stretches for eternity. Therein lies the rub. There isn't an end to it. There is no teenage grocery clerk, spotty with pimples and multicolored hair, to let you pay the toll and move on. You're stuck. Here. Forever.
His steps are staggered. For each lunge forward there is a half-step that follows, as if his legs and mind cannot seem to agree on the pace. But, he is moving forward, and sometimes that is what really counts. I’ve watched him from afar, debating whether he is full(more)
I can't even seem to see straight anymore. My eyes want to cross with every breathe, every blink, every goddamn second that ticks by. Internally as well. Not too long ago there was a clear path. The future lay right before me, no mirage, a clear crisp vision that(more)
"We are tied, inexorably," she says with more than a little bit of disdain coating the words. She is right. In every way. We are tied together. We are wrapped, knotted so thoroughly into each others lives it would be nearly impossible to leave. If one, or both of(more)
Her eyes swing back and forth in time with the pendulum. Housed in mahogany, inlaid with gold scroll-work, the masterpiece of a grandfather clock  stands proudly in the corner of the dimly lit room. When the pendulum swings just right a flash of gold illuminates the face the of the(more)
She screams because she is angry and frustrated at a system that no longer holds any relevance for her. It is digging its nails deep into her spine, wrenching mobility from her, painfully asserting its dominance when it is least needed. She screams at the expressionless minions enforcing laws(more)
Something that will last. That is the wish of us all. We want to make our mark, stamp our lives on the flowing canvass of time, as if to say to all future generations of life “Hey! I was here. Just now. In this brief moment in time. I(more)
He watches himself on the flickering screen. Fast-forwarding through the inane parts. All that time he's spent, wasted, doing much of nothing. Watching himself watch himself on the screen. Surveying the banality of his existence. Sometimes, briefly, he imagines in-between the flickers something exciting has happened. And t(more)
There is an elegance to her wrist
Delicate bones curving just so
Succulent purple veins marking the path
The sweet scent of vanilla and lavender
Curling into my nose
I long to kiss, ever so gently (more)
“I don’t understand Doctor. Why is our kid so fat? Look at the both of us,” the man says, gesturing to himself and his anorexic wife, “We are perfectly healthy, not fat at all. I Just don’t understand.”

“Well, what do you feed your child?” the doctor asks.(more)
We have become untucked,
loose edges flapping in the wind
Left to weather storms on our own
Lacking in protection, though we’ve paid
for it all our lives. We’ve fought and died for it
and in that vein we will continue (more)
As I walk the streets
Searching for beauty,
For meaning in this
City covered in a
Moldy brown crust,
I can’t help but feel (more)
Lay that tab on my tongue,
dissolve into oblivion,
a crescendo of cartoonish images
leading me down the way,
a road not unlike yellow.
She droops.
Heavy petals
guiding her towards the earth.
Frayed yellow edges dripping,
tears for the loss of another season.