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    A mother of two layed dying in the blistering New Mexico heat. It was such a simple thing, so brutally straight forward and simultaneous so absurd. She rolled around a bit on the hard dirt, spitting and sputtering like an old car struggling to get moving.
    "Was this really(more)
Mittens' fear had become a reality in what felt like an instant. At first glance his mind was reluctant to accept what he was seeing, but after the initial shock wore off he began to accept what had happened. It was raining.
Mittens had spent the whole morning toddlin(more)
She just couldn't take it anymore. The sight of his fat reddened face, collapsing under the weight of his own stupidity. The way he drooled on himself and snorted the excess snot back into his nose every 4 seconds like clockwork. The whole thing was sickening. An intense rage(more)