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Kristin half-face
"Wishing verbs take the subjunctive, a tense that has really fallen out of fashion in English. I suspect this is because, as Merriam-Webster defines *subjunctive*, the word, quote, 'represents a denoted act or state not as fact but as contingent or possible or viewed emotionally.' End. Quote. How old-fashioned!(more)
A sip: This is how we sealed our friendship--tiny drops of blood on our fingertips, then touched to our lips.

A sip: This is how we drank our first beer--curly straws in the can; suck in; hiss, the harsh exhale scraping the aftertaste into the bedroom air. (more)
"Class-Story Starter," Ms. P. wrote on the chalkboard. "In a valley of . . ."

"In a valley of," Chloe copied, and then continued, "hundreds of soft, meowing kittens rolled and played." She passed the paper back, to Henry.

He kicked Chloe's chair after he'd read her(more)
Sometimes, before I leave the apartment for the day, I go a little anti-Coco and add one piece: to my forehead. I take a perverse pleasure in seeing how long it takes someone to comment and who comments.

Some days I'm really asking for it--say, a bus ticke(more)
Jorrie Like-d Vanilla Ice in a late-night moment of sentimentality (and also whimsy; she still found it funny that one could officially Like Vanilla Ice, Tennis, and the Dalai Lama) and then promptly forgot about it, until Vanilla Ice started messaging her.
I only have half a colon. I gave the other half to my brother, who was dying.

No you didn't. You can't live without a whole colon.

Sure. It's like the liver. (more)
His cast started itching like crazy Friday night, which he found odd, when he thought about it at all, since he spent Friday night drunk on overripe berries, and drinking usually made him blissful. But after the hangover cleared Saturday, and his skin still burned, he knew it was(more)
I had the walk signal, but I felt my raised foot stomp back on the curb. I twirled on my heel, away from the intersection.

"Hey!" I called, squinting back into the late-day sun.

The woman clutching the binder to her chest turned to face me, he(more)
The perky lady rang her handheld bell--how I wish that were a euphemism--and the sound of chairs scraping back replaced the murmurs of conversation. All of us "ladies" stayed seated at our two-person table while all of the "gentlemen" shifted right one table. The new man across from me(more)
I don't want to write about the TV show *Full House*, but I can't fight it anymore.

I don't want to sing the theme song for ABC's weekly block of "family-friendly" sitcoms, but...The only resistance I can muster is to add those quotation marks (family friendly according to(more)
"To be born on Middling Earth is bad enough, but to be born on Fair Earth, as your grandparents were . . . Even on Middling Earth, where I now know I had it pretty good, I had no words for where the truly fortunate lived. None of us(more)
It's not enough that some psycho killer has us trapped, dehydrated and beaten, in his basement; nor is it enough that I therefore have had that Talking Heads song, the chorus beginning to sound a bit beaten and dehydrated for being repeated so much, stuck in my brain; but(more)
Proposal 1, Girl 1
He hid the ring in the dessert, and she ended up swallowing it.

Proposal 1, Girl 2
He hadn't eaten a raspberry fool since that night. But gosh darn it if he couldn't let go of the dessert idea. It was so romantic! He(more)
The day my maternal grandmother died, my body broke apart—head up and away, heart pushed out, each finger and toe to its own piece of my little universe, my apartment kitchen. And there they stayed. I am in fact typing this head and fingers at my desk, torso lounging(more)
Overall, the sweetheart fails as a candy. On the taste (see Table 22) and texture (see Table 3) scales, they fall dismally low. On color (see Figure A2) they are middling.  They rank higher on size and portability (see Figures A1 and B7), respectively), and delightfully, in today's economy, strong(more)