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"I'm late," Mixi said. She jumped from her bed, yanking on her overcoat and grabbing her shoes, running out of her house without locking the door. The city was busy at night, glowing orange and red and full of life. It reminded Mixi of Heley  herself. Heley had a heart(more)
"Well," the Roegadyn said, nodding at the three other passengers in the ship. "I guess we could learn a bit about each other, hm?"

The Lalafell began. She tilted her head, letting her pink twin-tails sway. She hardly needed to explain herself, however. Everyone in the underground room(more)
Arthur was nothing.

He didn't know how long he'd been falling for.

While the spikes only seemed to be a short distance below, it felt like he'd been falling for minutes. Maybe hours.

Did it even matter anymore?

Lewis had been alone. For months, he(more)
"This has got to be the worst feeling in the /world/!"
Vivi was laying on her back in the back of the van, the small portable fan they carried around blowing right onto her face but offering no relief. Arthur sighed from his seat next to Lewis, having take(more)
"Please, anything, anything but this, this is a dream, I-I just need to wake up! Wake up, wake up wake up wake up-"
In his desperation, Arthur reaches with his prosthetic hand and clings to the purple spirit's jacket sleeve.

There's a sharp burst of electricity, similar (more)
"Oh Lord help me," Bitty breathed out, ducking his head under his pillow. "Who told me it was a good idea to run to the store at night again?"
"That was you," Kent said, and the bed creaked as he sat on the edge of it beside Bitty.
"Yagi," Tsumugi mumbled, gripping the bottom of her jacket. She sounded close to tears.
"What's up?"
"I did something bad."
Normally that meant she did something on accident. Yagi tried to fight back a smile as he knelt down to look at her. "What is it?"
"You can't tel(more)
"Can you maybe, I don't know, chill for a little bit, Dex?"
The redhead's eyes narrow at Nursey, but he didn't respond as he continued looking.
"What's wrong?" Chowder asked when he came into the room, having arrived just in time to see Dex picking up his mattress in(more)
"Do you really want to send me something?" Kent asked, raising one eyebrow at his laptop and Bitty's face on it.
"Of course, sugar! Anything you want."
"You two," he muttered, glancing towards Jack's camera where the man was working on an essay and zoning out again.
"What?" Bitt(more)
"Think this is gonna be enough?" Dex asked, holding the card out. It read 'With sympathy and condolences for you,' on the front in a soft, curling font. "Looks fine to me. Take it."
"I really can't believe it," Chowder whispered, sitting on the floor of the dollar store.(more)
"Christ," Nursey muttered, running a hand over his hair. "Can you contact them? A text, or-"
"Nursey," Chowder said quietly, phone hanging limp in his hand. "If Dex doesn't want to be found, we won't find them."
They sat in silence in the living room. Several of the other(more)
"What?" The hockey player sat up quickly, closing his laptop and turning to stare at Bitty. "Sorry. I'm just working on something-"
"I saw it."
Jack felt his heartbeat quicken just a fraction. "Saw...?"
"Let's talk, sweetheart."

"The way you were looking at your old pictures."
"This isn't good," Vi muttered, glancing at the large clock of the Piltovian Academy tower. She had been held up by some disapproving mothers and their children and had been forced to stay and explain her 'dangerous choice of decoration' (her gloves were far from being decoration, she defended(more)
"Whatever's going on-" Bitty sighed, shaking his head disapprovingly at Nursey and Dex. "Just...please fix this before the coaches catch wind of it."
He left them in the living room, alone except for one other person-
"Please! Please, pretty please, can I keep it here?"
"For the last time, Chowder-I'm not gonna be the one complaining about a cat. Ask the other fellas and see if they mind, and then we can let it stay here-"
"What's going on?" Nursey asked, walking into the kitchen.(more)