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"And you're sure this is working?"
Yatho hissed at the car, thumping at it even as it sputtered and groaned at her.
"I don't care! We just need to get to the ship in time!"
Grynewaht sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. "There's no way. Seems like this thing(more)
"What are we?" Steve murmurs, one morning after waking up in between Nancy and Jonathan yet again.

Nancy is already wide awake, the early bird of the trio. She's scratching Steve's back with one hand, and when he turns his head to look at her he sees her(more)
Jonathan likes when people say his name.

He doesn't know why. He doesn't really like being known-and honestly doesn't like most people knowing his name.
The scariest moment of Crowley's life happens hours before the end of the world is set to occur.

It happens in Aziraphale's bookshop, with no angel in sight, and his entire cluttered collection of novels and poems burning and turning into ash.
Crowley falls to the floor an(more)

I'm doing it again.

After vowing to hide it, ignore it, push it away for as long as I could, I found myself fancying the idea of another half to my heart yet again.

How many times do I need to teach myself? I a(more)
The first time Bunny noticed was on the way back from defeating Pitch. They had come out victorious, and even Sandy and Bunny were cheerful and chattery in their joy and pride in the Guardians.
"-and Jack here!" Bunny crowed, grabbing Jack by his shoulder and pulling him i(more)
Someone made the bed.


Aster growls, irritation so strong his foot thumps against the floor a mile a minute as he sniffs around to try and catch the culprit. His sense of smell isn't as sharp as it used to be, but even if it was,(more)
"I don't hate snow all that bad, mind you."
Jack snorted, letting himself glide over Aster as they walked to see his face. When he saw nothing but open honesty he stopped, dropping to the ground somewhat clumsily in a pile of snow.
"Can I quote you on that?"(more)
"For the love of-Crikey, Frosty, it wasn't even that funny!"
Jack only howled with laughter at him, pointing at his own nose and then back to Aster's for the umpteenth time since they were returning from helping North deliver some last-minute gifts.  

"Stop moving around so much, Bunny,(more)
"Wow," Aster said, leaning against the tree after watching Jack work the magic of his staff for nearly the entire afternoon. "That's really something."
Jack gasped, turning around and pointing his staff towards the bunny. "You-! How long have you been there, you creep?" Jack asked, cheeks lighting up(more)
"There's still a chance!" she shouted, deflecting a swing from the chainsaw as the beast before them growled and charged at her. "There's still a chance to save him!"
"Look at him, Yatho!" Hien demanded, shaking his head at her.
"He's too far gone. I mean it."
"He's gon(more)
"Get out," he said, without turning around. "You have no business here."
"I do," the man behind him said, and when Biker turned around, the dread he felt was overwhelming.

Of course it would be him. (more)
"You're really good at this," he gasped, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Yatho set one hand on her hip, pretending to examine her nails as she waited for him to recover.

"Am I? I hardly noticed." (more)
Her eyebrows shot up almost comically.
"You really wanna know?"

When he nodded, she let out a noise like a snort, but the expression on her face was far from humorous.
"You know what I tell people?" (more)
It wasn't his fault.


Feng had recently gotten a stunning red dress, and Dwight fumbled on a generator, so Ace didn't hesitate before bursting into a sprint towards the red-cloaked figure.

It's not his fault that she had the same idea, and so when the(more)