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Kelly grace
I still don't know why we stayed.  Outside of New Orleans...the chain link and razor wire surrounding the cheap motel made it look safe, even though it looked a bit like Stalog 17.   Around three in the morning a frantic knock was at the door; I grabbed my gun from(more)
I kneel to see Ablaa's tiny fingers grasping and pulling.  Knots appearing in a flutter.   She looks to be four or five, yet she tells me through the interpreter that she's eleven.  I'm skeptical.  She says she's been doing this work since she was four, and she's the highest paid gir(more)
3 a.m.  Daddy rises from the bed and lights a cigarette in one movement, a magical act that both repulses and intrigues me, his baggy tighty whities so loose at the leg he's spilling out.  Even at age five I wondered when will he tell me he loves me?  and even if(more)
Beyond the drama of whether Adam had a belly button, lies the question of nothing.  Even the existence of nothing seems like something; I mean how can you build when there's no foundation?   Truth is there is no such thing as "in the beginning" because that very concept presupposes time,(more)
Ashes and metal.  He'd gone through a spiritual bonfire, book after book tossed end over end, dogma and catechism at war no more.  His life's operating system reduced to molten love.  He drew in the acrid air, looked over his shoulder at his past, took love and a sprinkling of grace, and(more)
It was an uphill battle.  Every word he uttered was turned and twisted, held to the light of every wound she'd received at the hands of lesser men.  He poured out his love, and she hung up on him twice a day, his words accidentally tapping into the collective white male(more)