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Relieving of tension. That's why we trust people to pick up our kids, keep a secret or have our lives on the battlefield. It's to displace the stress onto others who can handle it. Does that mean that trusting people are overly stressed?
The beer bottle exploded into a glassy and foamy mess as it slipped out of Jeff's hand and onto the sidewalk.

"God damn it...." Jeff said while walking into the bodega to buy a replacement. He thought about how stupid it was to buy another beer but the(more)
"Hoppaloopalus. Hmmm." I thought.

Mr Hoppaloopalus stared at me in response to my sudden head jerk. It wasn't an angry stare, just one of annoyance and impatience.
"Are you fucking serious?!?" I shouted into the phone with exhilaration. "I can't fucking believe, of all people are going to get married. How'd you trick her?"  

"Oh man, I know. It's fucking crazy, right? I dunno, 7 months ago I was happy to be a single(more)
I ran up to the door but it was already too late. The lock was shattered and the bottom hinge had been ripped off. It was just hanging there from what remained of the top hinge. Some huge force had kicked in the door. It looked like the Juggernaut(more)
I could see it all over his face. In his fake, watery eyes. Through the stammering. He was always such a good actor. I used to be tricked by it, but after a while, you're just able to see through it. You just know.

"What? Are you being(more)
The automatic doors opened in a flash as the woman and her walker slowly inched through them.

"Hello! Mr. Whythe? Are you there? I've come to retrieve my medicines....." the woman yelled as she entered. An young pimply employee with a stained Walgreens polo walked up to her(more)
The girls sat down at the table like they always did; Kassandra closest to the door, Jessie to her right and Danielle across from Jessie.

"So who do you think is gonna get the lead?" said Danielle to the empty space in between the two.

"It's definite(more)