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Kaltz_devil of grief vii
"Grandfather, what's it like?"

The triplets were gathered around him, he of a tall enough frame that they could sit comfortably on his lap, though they pushed at each other to stake the largest claim of his body heat. Quan'na took one of his large hands and kneaded(more)
A slippery slope.

"I don't have money for that." I told myself on numerous occasions.

"Yolo, I'll just by this one thing and not eat for the rest of the month," I told myself an equal number of occasions. "Good thing I haven't had to pay for(more)
--Or, more specifically, not much variance to see, outside the windows.

It's just a parking lot, to a strip mall, with a DD and a Texas Roadhouse, and a CVS, so the cars are in and out, but that's it for the most part.

I make sure(more)
Mine is the one I deem it to be, and there are no ties which decide it.

Here is one.

A great--albeit quiet, mysterious even--one. (more)
"I'll be there."

They were lying, if one were to take it literally. But the sentiment was true, and he was grateful to them for it.
Can fit into anything size 7 to size 11.

Because the footwear industry is just as ass backwards as the clothing industry.

But at least some things look cool.
"I'm on a boat aaaaaaaaaaaaand, it's going fast aaaaaaaaaaaand, I gotta nautical beam patch me to Afgaaaaaaaaaaaan~!"

*Close tab.*
There was about three hours left, and then she would have to start making dinner. The Florida room was ironically cold--still only screens in the window openings--but the daylight was preferred to the ceiling fan light, and so she braved it to spray paint a few things. Ducking inside(more)
The worst is when only one ear is half broken, and you have to hold them up a certain way to get sound at all. You want to just throw them away but then you'd be without a pair, so you resolve to get a new pair of course,(more)
It was already pretty quiet in their building--Nasei and Megumi were out on deliveries, Yumemaru was routinely quiet, Hiroshi was far enough upstairs no one usually knew if he was there--but after a faint clunk and a slosh of liquid, all too suddenly it became deafeningly silent.

Going to eat that?

*Panned into infinity.*
--a Photoshopped model's, she did tend to garner a lot of attention. It fascinated her.

"On my planet, my looks were of no consequence," she mentioned once to Ryoko and Nasei. "Or rather, because we are similar--" [not clones, she had explained in great detail long ago] "--we(more)

Also slightly painful. Cold numbness was partially inhibiting him feeling anything too severe.

The sun was out, but it was still raining rather heavily. She willed himself to at least look around, then decided to chance sitting up.

Her spine protested with a few crackles,(more)
Sebastian still tried to eat out of my bowl even then.

That seemingly deceptive movement cats do when they think you're not looking.
"Well? How's this?"

"Mmmm, it doesn't show off your legs..."

"I know, sweetheart, but please, focus."