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I can't begin to write a fiction piece with this prompt. It's too close to my nose, my fingers, under my nails.

In the past 5 weeks:
It was time to make a list of the items on his person, to determine his resources. That's what one does in times like these.

One matchstick (more)
criminal cry criminal minimal mine spine line to be towed grass to be mowed
neglect the chores at your own peril
crime to waste time
time is neglecting you wasting you and the sun
rises (more)
It was easier to stick a note on your stone.

Better than speaking. I don't visit graves, don't talk to rocks and bones. Can the dead read? I suppose, if they can speak. If they can come calling and interrupting dinners with women a man once loved an(more)
Sorry about the sheets.

I got to rolling around in that box - insomnia has always been a problem for me, but then you know that - and I realized I had some errands to run. We left a few things unfinished.

Well, look at you squir(more)
You accuse me of laying on your rumpled sheets, of misplacing my mother's earring.

Maybe you think I did this purposefully? To have an excuse to return? Not everyone is like you - I would just ask. I would just knock.

I didn't lay on your be(more)
You are sneakier than you were back then. Wiley.

You don't remember watching cartoons on Saturday mornings? You act as if I were always so straight-laced, slick hard and sharp as glass. You rooted for the bird, but I pitied the coyote.

Anyway, if you hadn't le(more)
I was about to add to your shopping list. I saw it taped to the inside of your cupboard door.

Don't be upset.

I opened it not to pry or sneak, not to steal, plunder, or otherwise take advantage of your careful and thorough stores. The nea(more)
There were lots of different ways, he figured, to think about a runaway balloon.

A child becoming distracted or excited, wailing as his red balloon soars up. Maybe he jumps a few times, as if he is strong enough to jump high enough to catch it before th(more)
[nothing shot of
nothing shot for nothing
no one was shot
no one was short]

no one shorted the shooter that day. (more)
the distracted teacher

the teacher distracted the students
who, in turn, distracted
the teacher
There once was a giant.

It was her job to watch over the little ones who lived between the big lakes up north and the corn fields to the South - a huge territory to be sure, but sparsely-populated and she loved roaming the land.

There wa(more)
A man: bent, bedraggled and dressed in red.  

At least that's what she thought. It was hard to see through the snow blowing and the frost on the window, and if it *was* red, it was a dirty red. The big man had seen better days. She hoped. (more)
Something there. Outside the window. It was light out - noon or one by the sun - but she felt the clench in her gut that meant "night." That's the word she associated with it, but she knew it really meant "death."

It's what she felt when sh(more)
They had all heard of the green boots. There was a cave in the Death Zone, just before the summit. In the cave lay a man in bright green boots, half covered in snow unless the wind was blowing right. He looked like he'd curled up and gone to(more)