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Having kids is like tearing yourself open and taking out your heart as it beats, your guts as they filter and push and breathe, then stepping your muscled skeleton out of your skin.

Maybe some other things are like this. I don't know. (more)
Another man would ask for food, a burger with avocado, steak, pizza -- I don't know -- something SOMETHING. But this. I don't know.

Another man would ask for pictures of his family, his kids. Everyone smiling. Rubbing at the memories like there used to be a sca(more)
the dinner is cooking the dishes are burning the castle
    is rising up over the water
the water is churning and I am running
running as fast as I can and no one is (more)
The truth is, you see, well, the truth is that I am not me. Nope. Not one little cell not a long blond hair not a flashing brilliant smile of me is really truly and actually me.

No, I am not a clone. Don't be silly. If I(more)
There were 16 cars in the parking lot.

Three cars had groceries in the trunk (1 held melting popsicles that would later be the cause of heartbreak for a 4-year-old boy, 1 held a pound of apples, a loaf of bread, and a bottle of the Balvenie, 1(more)
This is what we gained:

1. Four shillings (he smiled as he laid them out, although they are of no use to us).

2. The contract, inked in the blood of four of the township's finest men and three of our women.

3. Good families full(more)
Knock knock, he giggled and whispered, knock knock shock. He giggled again, bent and skinny, pushing through the undergrowth. And knock knock they did, in the bag he dragged. It caught, here and there, on sticks and stones.
There was a great depression in the back of her hand, between the index and middle fingers and just back from the knuckle-line.

It was dark in there.
domination promenade peach prom dress frothy and sweet as apple pie, cream, whipped little girls twirling in ballerina tutus (ballet class required) required for daintiness and grace - always learning grace

    (which really means polite silence, the running of insults off one's back, movement(more)
I'm a night person and the sun is rising.

Decide to try the Neil Diamond -- I was already considering it (the melodrama, the swelling to near bursting) when I read it in someone's blog. But the words are distracting (what's he singing about...lovers again but what exciting(more)
The town was dry and gritty, powdery, some color between tan and grey like someone ground sand under a heel until it was even smaller, finer, until a gust of wind would puff it up into a woman's face til she couldn't breathe, couldn't see, couldn't speak. The town(more)
[Lonely heart homely heart last part home run dart play the part lovely heart lovely heat trip the beat lonely beat drum thrum lonely heart beat thrum bum crumb crumby heart play the part liar heart crumby]

Start the game with a lonely heart play the part with(more)
Interesting to have bumped up against the wall of what I'm willing to write publicly like this. And so close. The wall I mean. Practically bumping my nose against it.

I'm really quite disappointed in myself. (more)
There are the ten toes...count ' two three four five six. Ya, OK then. And the fingers - they're all there. Wiggle wiggle. Got 'em and flaunt 'em.

The nose. (Something stinks. We'll have to deal with that later.) Neck cracking, knees creaking but everything bending the wa(more)
"The Ferris Wheel was built of bones."

I stopped chewing and looked at my host. He continued to slice his ham, as if those words were of the most normal, everyday sort.