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She should have known that a year ending in 13 would not be a good one. But like every other year, she put all her hopes and dreams into its basket. From day one, she wanted this year to be over and it only got worse from there. So(more)
I MIGHT BE ONE but sometimes one is all it takes to turn things around. One bad apple can spoil the bunch but one good seed can produce a bountiful harvest. Lately, life has knocked me ON MY BACK but one must have a HARD BACK in this thing(more)
"I can't wait to be a grown up," she used to say.

"And when you're an adult," her mother said, "you'll
want to be a child again."

"No I won't. Because when I'm an adult, no one will tell me when to go to bed. I ca(more)
Cody pressed his face against the cold windowpane, watching the rain streak down the glass, blurring the outside world on the other side. In the distance, he could hear her talking.

“You can’t do this to him again, Ian,” her voice said in a quiet whisper that carried(more)
Dear Diary… Oh wait, you mean this is the internet and not my diary? Shh, someone might found out! Because lately, I think the message was somehow lost in translation. Somewhere we went from teenagers who used to pass notes in class and spread rumors in the halls to(more)
The legs to my folding chair sink into the damp earth.  The field stretches before me, but all I can see are the tiny drops of rain clinging to each blade, left behind from the passing shower earlier that afternoon. I can smell it in the air and it takes(more)
Miles stood before the crowd as his karate instructor awarded him the green belt. He scanned the sea of faces; Mom smiled back from behind the camera. Miles sighed. He could have predicted that Dad wouldn’t show. Not that he could see the future like the oracles he always(more)
So often, days are measured in the events that took place – the good, the bad, the ugly. Petty things are remembered and grudges carried with the start of another day. We triumph at the moments that bring us success and cry at the disappointments life deals to us.(more)
Tray stood at the edge of the creek, watching the frogs jump along the muddy banks as he settled on a large rock and pulled a beer from his backpack. He lifted his head toward the sky, letting the cool autumn air wash over him as the wind blew(more)
Jared paced the room like a caged beast seeking escape. Complaints swam in his head. He was never there. He was driving himself to an early grave. If he didn’t care about himself, why should anyone else?

Good question. Why should he care? Why should they? (more)
It all started with “You’re fired.” Life didn’t come to an end and I didn’t ask myself what I should have done to try harder. I was on my best behavior. I did everything that was asked of me. But I can’t complain. Things couldn’t stay this good forever.(more)
I press the nametag to my chest - one of those cheap labels that doesn’t want to stay on my dress  - and try to ignore the person looking at me from across the restaurant, framed beneath the banner that welcomes back the Class of 1991.
Anyone who has ever taken one knows that afterwards you need a vacation from the family.
She held the wilted rose in her hand, trying not to remember the occasion for which it had been given to her. Her mom had told her she was alright now, but she was wrong. She had loved him, still loved, always would love him. For, unconditional love never(more)
Is anyone ever “the one”? Is there really just one person out there that we are all meant to be with? If so, then why do so many marriages end in divorce? Is it because they just didn’t find the one? Did they walk down the aisle on their(more)