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The predictive nature of an oracle is not something to be underestimated.  Regardless of what you do the power of their words cannot be escaped.  
Jesse sat up in bed.  He hadn't been sleeping, merely resting his eyes.  Today was the day that he had been fated to die. (more)
Richard warily settled himself deeper into his vinyl armchair.  Already it was two in the morning and his killer had yet to show.  For the umpteenth time he popped the cylinder of his .38 special and fanned it.  Six bullets, with another six in the speedloader.  

Leon stared into the brick fireplace.  A fiery glint reflected in his gaze.  Even as Leon's knuckles whitened and his teeth ground his mind remained smoothly gliding over the night's events, over and over again.  
A small squeak reverberated down the dusty aisle.  Leon froze.  He recognized that sound.  A rat!  A rat in the library!  He had to warn the others.

Leon quickly reviewed the layout of the Library in his head.  He was approximately a quarter mile from the(more)
The bulldozer crashed its way through the underbrush, uprooting trees and pulverizing the trunks like matchsticks.  A cloying green mist lay across the ground, drifting intermittently through the trees like a specter observing the carnage at hand.  
Why do people kill themselves?  It's simple.  They go from having something to having nothing.  A reduction in the status quo.  

Frank lay in the dumpster gazing peacefully up into the sky.  He had been lucky to find this place.  Shoe store dumpsters were(more)
Rats scurried from the dark corner of the room.  Something lurked there, hidden in the shadows.  Artyom knew not what it was, only that he needed to be away from it as quickly as possible.  
Whatever, whenever, whoever, wherever, however.  These are all real words.  Shouldn't whyever be up there?  
Whyever not? (more)
"Oh my god," moaned Andy, "we have to get him to a hospital!"  Light poles sped by the open window.  They had to be going at least 60 miles per hour on residential streets.  Thumping noises could be heard from the trunk after they swerved around each corner.

Fidel didn't say(more)