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Oh, it's 6 a.m I need to get up and get ready.
I need to make and pack my kids lunch and my own.
I need to hustle to work or I'll be late.
I barely made it to work on time; I always barely make it.
Nothing beats finding
Twenty five bucks in your jeans
That you've forgotten
She's so full of life. I mean just look into her eyes and you can already see the mischief about to unfold. Those crazy antics and that contagious laugh; if you hear it you just can’t help but get drunk off it and join the shenanigans. And that smile,(more)
Round and round we'll spin, in circles moving forward.
We don't care what's ahead!
We'll press on like a drill spiraling into the new world we'll create for ourselves.
Eat, sleep, repeat this beat
When I'm strong; when I'm weak
When things are bright, when they're bleak
Doesn't matter cause I got bills to pay
Fill these two up for the day
Dates, deadlines, and a couple fines (more)
The seeds I planted are surrounded in darkness.
They're under dirt and manure.
Feeling the weight of it all bearing down on them.
Sometimes they feel there's a lack of air,
other times it feels like they're drowning.
With feeling with love
Tell me this was a match made above.
Where the skies shine blue
Under autumn sunsets with you
You put the art in my heart
I don't know where to start (more)
I'm not choosing to be single.
I want to love someone too, I really do.
I want to come home to a place where there's someone waiting for my return. I want sit down laughing and smiling while we share a meal. I want my house to feel lik(more)
My dear sweet summer child. The warmth of the sun is all you ever knew. The sweet wines, succulent fruits, meats, and the carefree strolls along the riverbed.

Your days consisted of running, climbing and learning. Your nights of feasts in livened halls, choirs of the drunk, and(more)
In sickness and in health, from this day to our last days.
My heart is yours.
I will love you in this life and the next.
If I should leave before you I will wait on the other side.
If we are separated I will find you again. (more)
She died almost a year ago. It's been rough and nothing I do has eased the pain of the loss we all suffered. Look, I understand I need, no I have to get over it. I can see people thinking, judging. Their eyes speak as loud as words as(more)
Tinkerbell, please take me to Never Never Land, just for awhile. Just so I can forget my woes, my life.
I want to just sit in the trees and gaze at the stars.
I want to go on adventures and meet the stuff of tales.
I want to just(more)
Poison, that's all I can say.
This used to be a place of smiles, happiness, and joy.
Home is what I called it,

but that was long ago. (more)
It's been a long time old friend, much too long.
I do remember when we were young. Yes, I remember all those days of wandering aimlessly and those nights of partying and stargazing.

I remember how close we were. (more)
The world is round like a sphere? You must be joking.
People flying? Flying!? You must be mad.
Putting man on the moon? That's ridiculous.

Ridiculous as ridiculous can get.