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The feathers flew as the two big roosters commenced to fighting. “C’mon Red Terror”, Blacky Thibodeaux hollered as his prized fighting cock got down to business in the cinder block ring. Sounds of men yelling names and how much they wanted to bet permeated the smoke filled air. Black(more)
“I can tell you one thing”, Wayne said while lighting a Camel, “Laundry detergent damn sure doesn’t get blood all the way out of the carpet, forget about trying to clean the shag in my front room.”

“Vinegar and Glass Cleaner ”, Hazel replied while arching an eyebrow,(more)
With a frustrated grunt, Chuck shifted his truck into drive. Thinking to himself, "what in the hell just happened, I was the one that was pissed off for what she did and I ended up saying I was sorry?"  He could hear his Dad's voice in his head saying "sucker....she'(more)
When they finally stopped she breathed, “That's it I can’t take no more baby!”

Come on more, more, more”, he said,  “Isn’t that your magazine’s motto, get them out of their comfort zone right??

“Well yeah”, she said, “But I can’t take any more, you got the devil(more)
Ahhhhh...Those kissable lips I do love so
In life absolute, distant, and cold
She cares not that she possesses my soul
But in death her sweet lips are mine and mine alone
“Wow dad, awesome movie!” said the excited little boy as he ran into the living room.

Grinning and thinking to himself dad thought, “Yeah little buddy it was one of the favorites from my childhood.” He liked it because it had kids looking for treasures, pirate ships(more)
Del Jenkins…..He was the one hipster that would not put on “Rod Stewart” or even the Beatles “White” album……..But, he did put on Metallica’s version of the “The Prince”... And it made me feel well different.
As his wife blasted him in the ribs with move she learned watching a their son spar with "Master Manny" in Kung Fu class, several thoughts ran through his head....Love, Pride, Arousal, Suspicion....Jealously?    
Little Beth looked at him as he whistled his favorite Hank Williams tune. She wasn’t sure about the name, but she remembered something about a “Lost Highway”. Thinking it was kind of dumb that a highway can get lost she asked, “Why do we have to do it Daddy?” (more)
“They did it again, son of a bitch”.. “How hard is it not to put lettuce on a hamburger”? Man, I can’t stand the taste of that worthless green shit.”, He said... Smiling she replied “I love lettuce, especially on a hamburger”. Eying her, he grunts, “I bet you(more)
Peace is a dirty word if you ask me. What does it mean to be at peace? Hell I couldn't tell you, maybe it s when you die? Maybe it s the feeling the junky gets when he spikes that vein and pushes off? Maybe it s the feeling(more)