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"You have to get an A in showmanship or graduation will not be possible Mr. Klask", Richard Nugget repeated for what seemed like the 50th time to me.

"Showmanship" he insisted, "Is the core to success!"
Adam’s  momma was still shopping at the getting place, as he sat on it's steps he  smelled apple pie cooling in the pig farmer’s window one house down. The boy couldn’t help himself and before he knew it, his ten year old feet was moving to steal it. While the farmer’s(more)
The penguin’s shit stank to high heaven as usual, but it was worth it, she was worth it. Groups of tourists oohed and aawed their way through the small adobe building in Sea World, home of the imprisoned little birds and good ol’ anonymity. Her fool of a husband(more)
A message from the author is what they always want and when I say “they” I mean the “machine”, the actual folks that make things happen. What occurs when the author doesn’t have a message? What bullshit words of wisdom do they want, (to quote Hulk Hogan) “Eat you(more)
“I’m a rolling stone all alone and lost” Hank Williams admitted through the beatup Chevy’s radio as Killer Clyde drove towards the most notorious Street in New Orleans. Money was on his mind til’ he saw her standing on the side of the road. Her fluorescent sunglasses and short(more)
You, boys are on in five" said the fat bartender.

“I guess that us” Hank said as he threw his switchblade at the wooden floor, the blade sticking two inches deep.
Tony Baloney
Cried from the bottom of hell
Been waiting for you
So Slow Jones was the “Last in Line” and was responsible for enacting the “Final Rule”.  He hated the fact that it was up to him but he swore an oath and duty is duty. As the last safe city on the West Coast started to be overran by the(more)
The two sister sirens sang their beautiful song
One sister sang of death and sorrow, the other sang of love and hope
Both were singing the song of lies
She crushed his throat with a quick chop to the neck. Married now for 14 years couldn’t stand one more criticism about her noodle soup. As he lay dying on the living room floor she sat in his favorite chair, held the warm bowl of comfort to her nose(more)
Even though he was working undercover for the Louisiana State Special Crimes Unit (L.S.S.C.U.) Clyde Thibodeaux still pulled both triggers the on the sawed off double barreled 12 gauge instantly turning the three wannabe gangsters into a red and grey pulp. Thinking to himself a phrase from somewhere “If(more)
Black rosary beads reflected in the eye sockets of the giant white owl’s blood soaked head as Detective Jenkins shined his flashlight onto the most bizarre crime scene he had ever witnessed. Red and Blue lights flashed, reflecting off of the rain soaked trampoline and playhouse. Wishing he remembere(more)
One eyed Moon's face blushed in embarrassment as the extravagance of his birthday party washed over him. Surprised that his mother actually realized what day it was, he truly felt like the heir to the Boss Tanaka's fortune.
Moon never trusted his “so called uncles”, he didn’t lik(more)
His father's voice ringing in his head, "It's a dog eat dog motherfucker out there boy!" Jackie Green Bones agreed as he stabbed the bald headed man in the eye. Thinking to himself, "Yeah Papa, business is business and the boss has to take care of it" he drove(more)
Clyde Thibodeaux turned the truck’s radio up as the bridge of the song played..., “I been to the edge, and there I stood and looked down, You know I lost a lot of friends there baby, I got no time to mess around”.