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     After I stopped smoking, I started to notice I could see better. My wife informed me it was because the windshield in my car was now clear instead of yellow. the tiny holes in my clothing disappeared. My fingers were not yellow , the little hack I had(more)
What a fly is to us, is what we are compared to mighty nature.
We consider an atomic bomb, the ultimate power, it wouldn't even be noticed in class 5 hurricane,  or a huge tornado, or a volcano. Some morning , get up early and watch the sun rise magnificently(more)
    Tune out, what does that mean, if your listening to a radio, I understand. But if it's a complication in your life, that I find hard to understand. Cry, frown, scream, but for gods sake don't tune out. Life is to precious to waste even a minute tuning out(more)
   I wish I could dance all night. I cant dance all morning or afternoon. I'm a pretty lousy dancer. When I was much younger I was  great dancer ,or so I thought. Then some young lady I was dancing with told me I was terrible. I told her she(more)
     He was over six feet tall  not an ounce of fat. He stood  tall
and spoke to the crowd about keeping the neighborhood  safe.
He spoke about his father who had pulled himself up by his boot straps . How he had made sure his family was protected
against people(more)
The success of Bill Gates is amazing  ,he changed the world ,
and got rich  and deserved to. His wife and him are now spending their fortune on fighting disease in 3rd world countries. Probably one out of a hundred billionaires
would even consider doing that.
   The success that(more)
She is skeptical when I look at an attractive women and say
"I like her for her brains."
She is skeptical when I tell her she really looks great , she is a mite overweight
She is skeptical when she makes broccoli for dinner and I tell
her "O(more)
     I guess like everyone else during  ones life their are things(stuff) that I have bought and sold.  Don't ask me about the stock I have bought and then sold for half what
I bought it for .Or the old car I bought and sold for a small
profit . an(more)
   What If their is an absence
What if, their is an absence the groom doesn't show up.
The brides life changes at that moment.
What if. John Lennon had been an absence that fateful day.
What if Rocky had been an absence the first fight. Their wouldn't have(more)
   Waiting in line for a movie  can be very pleasant, you talk
to strangers about present and future movies. You quickly find out that their tase in movies is not the same as yours.
Waiting in line to pay in a super market can be very interesting. Yo(more)
   "Stay with me Momma"! Probably the first sentence said by a toddler. Those tree word said by teachers explaining  a
complex problem  "Now stay with me on this one". A con artist talking to a prospective client. "Now stay with me on
this , it's the first step in yo(more)
      Wow smiles, an interesting  action exclusive to humans.
people have made huge fortunes making people laugh. We go to movies, shows , and of course watch TV  to be entertained.
It takes us away from our routines, problems etc. for a short time. But smiles are (more)
Some people are always quick to say  the last time I did that or the last time I was there. Most of the time it is said after
someone is talking about some exotic place they have been.
Or if you say you were in NY and went to th(more)
   Not being Irish I have one gallon can of green paint. So every year on Saint Patriarch Day I paint the stand that holds up my mail box green. Where my home is, is not exactly in an Irish neighborhood, so when I se a neighbor coming over(more)
   why does the hard road sound  bad, like somebody went thru some really tough times. Maybe it's the opposite maybe
that somebody has been on a really soft road, sinking in every
35 feet. Now after a long time on the soft road  he gets to the
hard road a(more)