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The bright orange of the lacquer on her lips is even more attention-getting against the burnished green of the glass of the bottle in her hand. The colors contrast nicely against each other, as do the textures, her lips waxy and shining, the bottle sleek and translucent. She throws(more)
“Hey, hey, don’t shoot the messenger!” Evan pleaded, his arms raised, palms facing Mara.

Her painted mouth was set in a scowl, and her severe eyebrows were arched over eyes bright with anger.
The sky is so blue, storybook bright, with tree branches heavy with lush, green foliage cutting through the vibrant expanse of color, raised high as if giving a toast to whatever is above. Eli knows this place is beautiful. He knows he is unfortunate to be exposed to this(more)
We’ll name her something timeless, they decide.

Max runs his hand over his wife’s belly, slow, thoughtful. Her flesh feels so hot.

“What about after my mom?” he asks. (more)
When she smiled, her eyes thinned to slits, corners crinkled.

“I’m glad you’re back,” she said, propelling herself into his arms as the words left her lips. He embraced her tightly, and she settled there, belonging. “Simon, I’m so fucking glad you’re back.”

He pulled back, examine(more)
The white cotton dress hung around her figure, shapeless.

“Can you do my buttons?” Anna called over her shoulder. She was standing in front of the mirror in their bedroom, fretting with the lines of her dress, smoothing folds and tugging at edges. Her auburn hair fell aroun(more)
The sound of metal hitting metal echoes around them. Margaux lunges forward, throwing all of her weight into the motion, and Jago stumbles backward and then falls to the stone floor. In the flurry of movement, he loses his grip on his sword, and it glides through the air(more)
Emily’s arms are crossed, her shoulders high and tensed. Her back is nearly against the wall.  

“Oh, come on!” Corey entreats her, his eyes pleading. He’s unsure of himself. She can tell by the twitchiness of his mouth and the way his eyes stare back at her, to(more)
“Let me in!” Viola cried. Her small hands, coiled into fists, beat tirelessly against the stone door separating her from sanctuary. The only result from her frantic effort was a decided ache spreading through her body. Her hands would be bruised the next day, and she would likely feel(more)
Annika shuts the bedroom door gently, cups her hand against her forehead and over her tired eyes. It’s been a long day, and the trials behind her leave her now feeling exhausted. She runs her fingers through her already thoroughly mussed hair. Her eyes focus on the king sized(more)
Time passed, and her face changed. Her skin became wan, riddled with blemishes and dark veins, and her hair thinned and lost its luster. Her cheeks and jaw lost their definition, the eye-catching bone structure that had once worked so strongly in her favor now lost to time. Some(more)
Spots littered Cara's vision, fragments of whiteness obstructing pieces the world around her, as if reality was a television with bad reception. She felt the pressure of his hands at her neck; saw her already indistinct world going blurry at the edges. Everything darkened. She turned her failing sight(more)
“I don’t like you,” Laura informed Roman. “Just so you know. Just so you don’t, you know, get the wrong idea.”

They were sitting across a table from each other in the café on the corner, having met at Laura’s request. Roman tried to keep his expression neutral,(more)
I hit the earth, and I’m so consumed by the relief of something solid and substantial against my skin again that the pain all over seems distant, secondary. I felt panic in the air. I didn't know what to do with that sort of freedom, didn't know how to(more)
The glow from the screen of her laptop was the sole source of illumination in Aidey Penton’s bedroom. It fell across her face and left her features looking distorted, misrepresented. Lying belly-down on her bed, chin perched against the fold of her arm, Aidey’s attention was fixed on the(more)