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There were no more words to be said, no more feelings to be felt as the two of you stood there on the sidewalk. He gives you a sullen gaze with those eyes of his, and you know its the end.

He was such a beautiful star i(more)
There were so many ways I could have told you the things I should have done a long time ago. I know this, because for the past few weeks I've spent the nights wide awake, staring at a blank wall, imagining the colours of your eyes: how brightly they(more)
As she left you behind at the restaurant with a half finished meal and an unpaid bill, you wonder why you always seem to fall for the wrong ones.

You think of all the exes you've ever had, enough of them to count on both hands- the girl(more)
And then there was a whole different world, with a whole different planet, on which a whole different continent existed. Upon this whole different continent, whole different colours sprouted and blossomed, and in time the girl learnt this too.  
The many creaks and bumps the night brings go unnoticed by the child. For in his slumber, how is he to tell when things stir in the night? All is cast in shadows, the only light being the night light and the faint glow of the child's alarm clock. (more)
She sees him everywhere now that he's gone.

The first time they had met, he was in a green coat and her head was in the clouds, and they collided into a beautiful tangled mess. As she sat there on the floor he offered his hand, and pulle(more)
And yet all along the signs have been so clear, yet so obscured.  He never saw it until the day he saw the entire picture, the day he realized the pieces were falling together to form a horrible, horrible thought.
My dearest Mandy:

Honestly, this nonsense has gone out of hand. In fact, your previous letter was rather disconcerting for your father and I, especially when you use such ungrateful terms. Calling your father a "old-fashioned snob" and referring to us as  "close-minded" was extremely rude.

It m(more)
"Not everything is a contest, my child." Again, and again, her voice resonates in my ears, an irritating crescendo I can't seem to be rid of. Even now, even now when I've left her behind like my past, the mark she has seared remains a fresh imprint in my(more)