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I live in the Philipines,
They have none.
To eat a toppotdoughnut,
Would be,
To me, (more)
Shall we dance
or just pretend
to be in rhythm
Shall we dance
or should we (more)
Your Touch

My arm was touched in casual pass,
You thought I did not know.
The warmth you left behind, beneath,
The touch I did not show. (more)
The Awakening

I laid in dreamid half-sleep,
Eyes closed ..In my bed.
With thoughts of our last em-brace,
Still fresh in my head. (more)
       We were in love, this young lady and I. We would write each other poetry and talk for hours. Our talks ranged from space and philosophy to the hottest new rock bands. She told me she loved me and I knew I loved her. But, I was sixty(more)
I had gotten a phone call my new eyeglass prescription was ready. Bifocals, at thirty-nine, I couldn't believe it. My wife and daughter went with me to pick them up at the mall.   I must admit, I had no idea how bad my eyes had gotten. When I put(more)
Strange when I read "wear it well" immediately a young lady came to mind:
     I was in Mexico City, at an open market. A donkey approached with a young lady on it's back. She was apparently bringing vegetables to sell. Her vegetables were trimmed and gleaned, they looke(more)
I've to many chewed,
I won't fit in my speedo,
I must swim in the nude.

Tomorrow, NO dozen (more)

The Sun Has Gone,
AND Clouds Have Come,
Into My Life Today.
I Felt The Raindrops, (more)
And though we are so far apart,
We can't speak face to face,
I’ll type words and use my poems,
To give you my embrace.

Sad moods "Shared" aren’t quite as bad, (more)