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        "Now gentlemen," said Col. Bulle.  "I want this man eliminated with clean shots.  The wall behind that man is relatively new and I don't want to hear that the Major General was disappointed that you spread this insect's waste across it.  We clear(more)
Contract killing was all he had ever known, but Ilja Marlov had never had a hit like this before.  A prostitute named Giselle had hired him to kill her most frequent client, a rich man named Limont.  Limont had gold, a very large purse of it, locked in a safe in(more)
On a raining evening a man on a red carpet was surrounded by a crowd.  He was very still and he didn't move for them.  They took pictures and some shouted at him.  He looked up for a moment to see a flash from one of the cameras.  He looked by down, he(more)
It was cold.  The window was open and a winter breeze drifted in on slow, long drawn beats.  It lifted the dead girl's hair in playful leaps.  Her head was slung over the edge of the bed and her eyes were locked into the top of her open eye lids.  She looked like(more)
I remember well the smell of the damp grass and the silver shine of the moonlight on the dew.  Her hair was damp as well.  We were lying on the grass staring up at the stars for a long time but it seemed like nothing but a slice of our night.  We(more)
In a dimly lit maintenance tunnel that ran under Highway 3, the road that led out of the city, two figures could seen moving through the dusty air.  Nothing could be heard but their foot steps and it was eerily quite, which suited the two travelers and their cause.  They didn't(more)
'Here is your coffee Mr. Robertson,' said Fay. 'You gonna sit there all day looking glum?'
'Is that how I look?', he replied. 'I told you earlier to call me Jack'.
'That's just my waitresses instinct trying to be polite is all,' she said.  She leaned over the counter and(more)
What was that?  What time is it?  Was I dreaming?  No, I wasn't dreaming, I can hear it downstairs.  I can hear someone downstairs.  I can hear their footfalls.  They are very slow and every other step creaks a floor board.  I can't move, I am so scared.(more)
Expectations?  I have zero.  For the people in this world of ours, I have zero.  Ours!  That's what I'm talking about, I stand to correct myself and in the process I have provided the perfect example of our arrogance.  This is not our world.  It belongs to the ear(more)
Ella stood in the freezing wind contemplating what the hell to do next.  She did it.  She finally killed the bastard.  He wasn't moving.  She had never seen him so still.  It was pure relief.  Five long years of harrassment and violence was ended in one swing of a(more)
In winter, under a frozen elm tree, a woman sat waiting.  She was waiting for anything, anybody.  All she had for company was the sound of the hawks above, their shrieking calls echoing throughout the valley.  Her head hung back looking toward them high up in the air.  It was all she(more)
I remember when I grew up and it was only yesterday.  Everyday I grow up a little more.  I learn some lessons and I make some mistakes.  The day after, these mistakes will be lessons learned and I will make more mistakes for tomorrow's class.  It's a continuous cycle that moves one s(more)
On a desert road a car can be seen travelling at a modest speed.  Every layer of dust it approaches lifts aside and leaves an honor guard of smokey earth in its wake.  When nothing else passes the honor guard of dust disappears and lays down to wait for the next(more)
Mr. Mallinson took a fragile walk to the window's edge and pulled aside the net curtain to peep outside.  It was a beautiful day and the kids were out in force as was the norm in this kind of weather.  He could see that it was the shout's of Freddie Thompson(more)
        It's not the way you stand, the way you move your hands or what you say, it's your voice that gives you away.  Every time.  You told them that they were needed, that they were doing something great, that they were valuable.  Then you threw them t(more)