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The dangers of a tumbling (even a good one)

But in this wounded world’s dysfunctions
(yet I’ll speak the tragedy grammatically)
uncomfortable contractions’ll follow conjunctions
We, confused by what we think, hardened by what we feel, atrophied by what we do, are living in reverse. How can this be set right? Surely those living backwards cannot make their current run forward again...
Her tiny body is very still. Even in the quiet of room uninhabited except by my anxious ears she makes no noise. Wrappings of blankets and folds of clothing-just a bit too big for her minuscule frame-drown any slight movements.
Euclid's Elements, the monolithic mathematical masterpiece, a ten-book geometric universe, composed of a vast network of hundreds of propositions and proofs, is founded on the humble request to draw a circle.
Quest for The New World
Or: how hard it is to find the source of something far away

We stopped in a populous metropolis,
our wistful hearts fired by Desire for higher adventure,
piqued, youthful, yearning toward some subtle bliss--
a halcyon clarion call more faint than(more)