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C, B, C, A, D, B, he quickly filled in on the bubble sheet. He sighed, and watched his college aspirations fly away as the proctor took the SAT booklet from him. His parents were going to kill him if he had to go to community college, they had(more)
Feelings used to fade at first, fading away like smoke trailing off from a bonfire. Later, distraction was needed to take the tension away, whether it was a TV show or listening to music. Then came therapy; the meds followed soon after that. But no matter what skills they(more)
He practically tripped through the door, catching himself before crashing into the floor. Through beer-hazed eyes, he surveyed the devastation of his home. "Just as I left it," he mumbled drunkenly towards himself, walking to the kitchen.
"He's just so dull," I thought to myself. Date night consisted of me, my girlfriend, her best friend, and her new boyfriend, all dining at an Olive Garden. The food, faux Italian and mediocre wine, was dull. The decor, stereotyped Italian decor reminiscent of the Italian peninsula vomiting into(more)
I met the guys at boot camp, back '05. We all came from a similar background: wrong side of the tracks, poor parenting, some combination of drugs and violence growing up. We'd joined the Army as a steady salary, an adventure, and mostly, an escape. We all had big(more)
Monitors beeped a monotonous drone, nurses and aides shuffled about, the room draped with the shade of defeat. She laid on the table, naked and exposed, IV lines left in veins that no longer pumped with blood. A tech began peeling off EKG leads, and a janitor pushed wrappers(more)
The hiss of the lighter filled the silent air as the joint was lit. She sank backwards into the couch cushions, taking the harsh inhale, and holding her breath, hoping this would be the hit. The haze drifted over her eyes, and she felt herself relaxing, like every muscle(more)
He dug into her history, pouring over posts and likes and tweets, searching for some validation that the flawless, fabricated image of his paramour was in fact reality. All he found were snippets of her personality, stinging him like daggers, focused shocks to the heart.

"trying to be(more)
Every guy has "a guy."

The guy is the nameless protagonist of a variety of tales, his name shrouded in anonymity out of forgetfulness or necessity or the bubbles of a dozen beers, a friend from college or work, or an acquaintance at the bar, a friend o(more)
"You don't get it," the patient said, "when the aliens land, the President is absolutely going to reveal his true form. I need to leave. Now."

I sighed. Schizophrenics were hard to treat in the acute phases of their illness. Obviously, the first round of anti-psychotics failed: back(more)