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In weak strokes of vermillion
I find no stroke of luck
Vermiform patterns
On a faded canvas
My final colour watered
With my millionth tear. (more)
Of all the things on Earth, your mind is the one thing you can never escape from. Like a swallow trapped in a cage, it remains in your head throughout life and death. It is your constant companion. Who needs friends, or family, or acquaintances of any type for(more)
Amelie looked with apprehension at the battered white bureau. Since moving to the little market town a couple of miles west of Nice, it had stayed locked in the corner of the spare room, crammed with old treasures and the odd skeleton.    
She walks home, dropping a penny for every street she passes. I'm intrigued by her: she's a stranger, a total outcast. She doesn't belong in the neighborhood.

I'm a couple of yards behind her now, but she's oblivious. There's something sprightly in the way she walks. I've neve(more)
The crowd press in on me. Families chatter away. To my side, a young woman talks excitedly to her boyfriend.

'Last year, the display was absolutely breathtaking. Lasted for almost two hours, and each firework was different, would you believe it?'

Out of the corner of m(more)
The whole situation was completely inexplicable, and even now I struggle to think about it without acquiring a sharp headache. Of all the people in the world, it still astonishes me that it was you, all along. I remember that overcast Tuesday evening by the bay as if it(more)
As the swallows sing from the branches of the cherry tree, my feet trace the cracks in the pavement. I should be looking where I'm going, but I'm not. Instead, I study the litter, tossed aside by passersby. The empty Coke can, crushed under the feet of a couple(more)