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"It was like something out of a shitty straight-to-TV movie. Everyone gasped, went quiet, and started talking amongst themselves. No one could believe that just happened. Then the priest dude or whatever tried to solve the problem, asking him 'are you sure?'. But then Kim started to cry and(more)
"...and we will give it away to the eleventh lucky caller coming right up after the next song." The announcer crackled through the  old car radio. A slim gloved hand released the cold wood of the steering wheel to pick up and flip open a black Nokia cell phone. The(more)
There were three of them in the supply room of the kitchen, door firmly closed and locked.

- I don't know what he was thinking, said Lorne: looking at his feet with a shake of his head. - He just went off like a maniac.

- He'(more)
"NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!" She screamed as the window rolled up.

"I said I'm fucking sorry!" he yelled back at her now tinted silhouette.
Fred approached the stand, not knowing what was in store for him. He had already explained a million times over that he was innocent. He was at home, over two hundred kilometres away from the scene of the crime at the time they claim it happened. Alas, no one(more)
He stepped off the bus and into the chilly mid-afternoon January air. Turning to make the short walk to her house, his mind was busy and clouded with the indecision of what words or phrases he would open with. Half a dozen crisp, fresh roses were clutched in his(more)