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Liquid the color of amber and reminding me of Grandma.
Summer's sweet sun beverage.
Sugared down more than a blow-pop.
I'm left clenching my jaw until the liquid has traveled down my throat to lay sloshing in my gut.
I sigh the heat of summer away with the refresh(more)
That feeling when your stomach is in your chest - back down - in your chest - back down. I couldn't get enough of it as a child. From a rope, from a branch, from the swing-set in my friends yard. The best part of it was the letting(more)
----- this is -----. ----- this is -----.

Nice to meet you.
And you. So...blah blah blah

Thinking ~ (more)
Living in the city in a trashy, or in his mind - "artsy", studio was chic. Even at thirty-six. He liked his new grundge lifestyle. He was trying too hard to look like Eddie Veddor, she thought.

He never picked up the children on his visitation weekends. An(more)
In my time there was no attention deficit disorder. Kids weren't drugged and parents weren't afraid to spank.

In my time a "coffee to go" was poured into a thermos at home and cost less then a dime.

In my time when you passed someone on th(more)
Time goes one way. She knew this. That is why she took one last look around her before she left.

The framed old photo of them as a family, smiling back at her from the coffee table they purchased for $5.00 at a yard sale. The green carpe(more)
Growing up in a red-neck town, hearing the occasional gun shot was a common occurrence. We just didn't bat an eye.  

At least that was the way it was before that night. The dreaded night of the cross burning.  

When I was young child, in a predominately(more)
I love my life - now.  

Just let it flow like water from a tap.  
Drink slowly.  
Gulping can give you a tummy ache.
You ran like the wind that day. Your moment of glory, at the age of seventeen, as you ran passed the goal line to score the winning touchdown. Your young girlfriend runs onto the field, jumps into your arms in a frenzy of victorious excitement.
In the middle of the night she comes to hush her baby boy. She gently sweeps the sweaty wisps of hair from his forehead as she sings softly the lullaby she wrote just for him.

Gently, gently until silence fills the air. (more)
Permed hair out to here. Gold satin pants with matching gold satin hooded jacket. A pair of white open toed platform shoes, exposing delicate pink toenails. Her fingernails polished to match her pink toes.

Sherry was nearly ready. Just one more layer of mascara. Her eyes so thic(more)
I use to work in a convalescent home. Mostly I tried to keep a friendly demeanor with a thick emotional wall between me and the ones I cared for.  

But then there was Ira B. Ira was a tall and sturdy man. His age couldn't hide the fac(more)
I need to know how she feels. I need to know. I need to understand.

I researched the disease for hours. Hours that would amount to years when added up. I've watched too many videos. I've listened to too many doctors, family, friends. Everyone giving me advice an(more)
I'm trying here.
I'm struggling.
I am fighting against impulsion to delete everything I've written here.
Why do I love to write? (more)
"When you walk into the room, you light it up."

That was a compliment I'll never forget. It was given when I was sixteen. I was at a party.

It was given by a guy older than I was at the time. He was always hanging ou(more)