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While they tread lightly on the grass
    flowers woven crowns gracing their shining heads
dance under the open sky

  I wish to lie on the loam - (more)
There are three types.

One soothes, calms, comforts, lays you down to rest.

Another seems to stare as you enter. Perhaps you'd like to know, yet perhaps not. You are conscious of every breath you take.

The last sows seeds, which can become seedlings. Seedlings can(more)
I was bad for them
for all of them
in some way or another.

And in that way
I was good for them. (more)
Light burst around her,
and she looked
like the saint
everyone thought her
to be.
the sand blew away faster than i could run
everything was blown away faster
than i could run after anything.
how could i be moving when everything was already moving?
too much,     too much!     too much
in too little time, no space, no
      space to breathe, no space to fill
in, and out;
she would steal, and
she would leave;
she had other things to worry about
and those other things were hungry and dear.
There's time running in the background, but I want to play and forget it - like abandoning an open faucet - clean, calcium-clear water rushing into the sink and wasting like I waste myself - all these minutes playing with my hair or staring into space or doing both(more)
what happens when you
eat it only for the taste
not for your hunger?
they can just float, glide
around on warm drafts,
build up their potential energy to a fine, precise
just - tuck their wings in, and
hurtle down, hurtle, (more)
Yeah, I'm a pretty ambitious person.
It's not evident when you first meet me, but I aim high, sometimes too high. I have a lot of ideas and things like that.
What do I want? Well,
a lot of things. (more)
Love, stay.
Love, stay with me, stay
here, with me
You will not want, though
you want for someone, even now, but
no, you will not want for (more)
everything once was something was
anything and was substance
there was meaning and
matter and then
it went all
nothing (more)
even in her hibernation
she could never get that
out from the crevices
of her fingers
Is sleep more peaceful than finishing all your homework
all your duties
all your side projects
all your - whatever it is that's nibbling at the back of my mind?
Sleep is still soothing, though
they come back to trail me when I wake